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Turk. Ey wassup. Ya wild animalien

Gobble da gloober goop. Turkey slap that bitch.

Protect the young, tender meat.

It’s the charitable thing to do. Be considerate. Get baked.

The companion that would give you the shirt off their back is a real keeper.

Memes are the most basic unit all communication is based upon.

I’m no pup, I’m a kitsune. We’re not so loyal. More tricksy and frisky.

Yellow fruit of the tree of knowledge, genetically modified with the tree of life. Fuck yeah.

Who cares. Old news. Play it again for me, Sam.

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This post was not written for you. Well… maybe. This is about OM (not… Is not about the mantra OM, it is about Operation Mindfuck). I wrote this post in English, because the Brazilian do anything (neither the president).
The FNORD must to be disseminated to four corn of this oval world. Well… It is not to be truth, but I want to.
So… what yours strategic to disseminate the FNORD? Do you do? I don’t know, I asking for a reason (and my English is not so good…).
How do make most people to see the FNORD?
I asking and suggesting something that I do.
Name it internet with the word (FNORD). Many people is going to see the Wi-Fi.
Make images about games and throw in internet (twitter, facebook, whatsapp!!).
Whatsapp is the best way to fnord people…
Mindfuck man!
Mindfuck man!
I am so sorry for your sin.

Write to me to participate
Twitter: @Dark_one_Night
I prefer the twitter.