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Interstellar MuLtiPliCity in the `Pataphysical Non-Linearity

by Timoteo Pinto

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KSTXI is not on the left, nor on the right, nor in the center, but ON THE HIGH “

Timóteo Pinto, Pataphysical Post-thinker


Much has been discussed in recent times among some of our behind-the-scenes collaborators in the KSTXI community. Their different affections in their eternal pursuits for a pure & immaculate ideology free from contradictions. Eris sighs, bored.

Different discordians of several strands always, or almost, defend the multiplicity of ideas, the pataphysical exceptions, the recombination, the mixing and non-dogmatization of concepts, the broad agnosticism, but some always slip in their ideological and memetic fetishes in search of Comfort & Security.

But the complex Groucho-Marxist intergalactic politics of KSTXI For the 21st century comes to transcend these limiting binarities and greyfaceness of the last century.

“Do I contradict myself? Well, I contradict myself, I am broad, vast, I contain crowds. “
– Walt Whitman

In the figure of the condividual-idol-symbol-`pataphysician-delirant of KSTXI Timóteo Pinto we perfectly exemplify what we want to demonstrate, or not.

He is this and that, and neither this nor that. It contains within itself ideas of a particular pole, but also of the other in its interplanetary recombination of cosmic dance.

“Monochrome glasses of linearity steal us the self-criticism”

– Romulo Rodrigues de Carvalho

One can imagine the ideas and proposals of KSTXI as a mashup of concepts, in some sense. From the left we sampled the defense of minorities, diversity and from the right we pirate the individual’s self-determination in the face of a state that tends to bureaucracy and authoritarianism. And above all else, we have also abandoned both poles of the political spectrum.

In order to better understand the nature of our proposal, in the field of influences in the official & imaginary partisan framework (“the imagination is much better” – Green, Fairy – 2006) the KSTXI has appreciation for the proposals of the Brazilian Surrealist Party. Internationally KSTXI has influences from the The Youth International Party and Guns and Dope Party (United States), from The Rhinoceros Party (Canada), from Union of Conscientiously Work-Shy Elements (Dinamarca), from The Deadly Serious Party (Australia), from The Hungarian Two-tailed Dog Party and The Best Party (Iceland).

For less ideological blindness and for a multi-colored, 523-degree long-range vision, seen with KSTXI glasses!


“I don’t believe anything. Most people, even the educated, think that everybody must believe something or other, that if one is not a theist, one must be a dogmatic atheist, and if one does not think Capitalism is perfect, one must believe fervently in Socialism, and if one does not have blind faith in X, one must alternatively have blind faith in not-X or the reverse of X.
My own opinion is that belief is the death of intelligence.”

– Robert Anton Wilson





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Interstellar MuLtiPliCity in the `Pataphysical Non-Linearity



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