Lucretia Dalencourt

:::   Ich heiße Lucretia Dalencourt -oder LuLu, für Freunde, Hunde, Katzen, Familien un Pferden. Ich kann dich sein, oder mich sein, oder oder oder ihm sein. Ich liebe jeder, und niemand. Ich liebe alles und nichts. Lulu hat L von Liebe und Laufbahn!!!   :::   Lucretia Dalencourt, or LuLu for the more intimate friends, could be anyone or anything you can imagine; she could be nothing and no one too, and that would be a completely acceptable idea. A Lucretia Dalencourt knows no bounds for being, everything is allowed to have such name if someone -or, be shocked, no one!- wills to. My shoes under the bed could be Lucretia, I could be Lucretia, you could be Lucretia and even the grannies at nursing homes could be Lucretia. Lucretia Dalencourt could even be QAnon? No one really knows.   But one thing is for sure: when someone decides to adopt the name LuLu, magic(k)al things in the figurative and literal sense could happen. Being a Lucretia Dalencourt is free and gives you the possibility of being yourself under another name, or everyone being one under a single name. LuLu knows no ethnicity, tastes or anything else. “Sie liebt mich, sie liebt uns und sie liebt dich” is one of the most classical concepts used to describe her. Lucretia Dalencourt is a non-existent existence who acknowledges anything and everyone, basically what gods were supposed to do or what we should be supposed to do with ourselves but no one knows how because everyone is lost.   Lucretia Dalencourt is an ambassador and propagator of chaos and disorder. But think bad not! That just means that she’s tired of the order imposed upon everything and everyone because that makes life so boring! Since she welcomes everything, chaos wouldn’t be excluded, absolutely not! There’s always room for everything and everyone in LuLu’s herz, especially Eris.   Got the idea?   :::   :::   :::   :::   :::   :::   Lucretia Dalencourt Wiki Mess   :::  

The Multidimensional Roman-franz Ferdinandic Federative Republic


The Multidimensional Roman-franz Ferdinandic Federative Republic, or just the MRFFFR if you don’t have time to write that long-ass name, is nothing more nothing less than a group of Lucretias. Various Lucretias form the Lucretia republic, that has an entirely different name for various reasons, and one of them is that there are no reasons; certain things just are like they are without explanation, and if you explain them it isn’t as fun anymore.

This thing above, in the pic, is what represents the MRFFFR. Some would call it a sigil, and yes maybe they are right. It was made to be used as much as anyone wants, for whatever purposes and also to scare the shit out of people, making them notice the symbol everywhere. Remember, Lucretia is a pseudo-conspiracy and a Lucretia is a pseudo-conspirator, thus a sigil is one of the perfect tools to make all this madness sail!


Nothing manifesto


The Nothing Manifesto is the document where the project itself and other concepts (such as LuLu, our kween and ourselves) are explained at their fullest, and, sincerely, it’s pretty much the only thing here that doesn’t look like an absolutely schizo show -or it does, but we will never know. It’s not required to read the Manifesto to be a LuLu (since she is everyone and everything), but if you want, this is the page where you can find the document for download.

Since Lucretia Dalencourt is international -remember, she could be anyone, from Lady Gaga to Bashar Al-Assad, or even Palmirinha-, the Manifesto is available for download and reading both in English in Portuguese.









Self-love means a whole universe of SELF ‴‴‴‴

☺☺ ۵

from the proteins encoded in your DNAs to the flip flop big-ass stars

‴‴‴‴☺☺ ۵

THERE’S YOU, there’s the self, the self dwells within everything and is its own house. It’s so everywhere that it ceases to exist ‴‴‴‴


Orostachys Paradoxa Fnords

“The ministry of propaganda and other shenanigans of The Multidimensional Roman-franz Ferdinandic Federative Republic is working at full speed. Many have already reported smoke coming out of the department, and the employees swear it’s not weed, just vaporized sweat. Hardworking little people, very sweet!”  – Lucretia Dalencourt


Call yourself Timoteo Pinto/Sarah Gulik/Lucretia Dalencourt/Bruces Vain! Do everything in the name of Meta-Discordian-Post-Neoism!


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