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“Language is a virus from outer space” – William S. Burroughs










We came from beyond the stars to spread the real truth.

We are servants of the unnameable.

His words are clean and his forms pure.

IIHMME is our gravity force, in spaces beyond the world of Gagliag.

We have Fnord powers.

We are a clandestine operation from jurisdiction, empowered and entrusted by Galatic Federation with the task of containing anomalous objects, entities.

Obburah teach us the Spider Way

We came to clean the world from the influence of the false prophets of Cicada.

We are Brood Canada, KSTXI KSC, #00AG9603, True Cicada prophets.

Truth is relative, truth are elements of the constant illusion made by Demiurge

The lack of Srwakf causes the disease that make us not perceive the true reality.

We are memetic warriors, fighting against the Matrix.

Dementia, word from the late 18th century: from Latin, from demensdement- ‘out of one’s mind’.
note: which mind?

CICADA v33.01 is a KSTXI system under the propitiatory ownership of the Fnords ⟨™⟩
















This is a message to all Searchers, Watchers, Activists, Hactivists, Urban Shamans, Neoists, Sacred Clowns, Quantum Schizophrenics, Galdruxians, Hyper Surrealists and Catalysts. This is a message to the Lost and to the Judged. This is a transmission from #EtherSec.




The Dada Gaze into the Eternal Now



Most long topic of the world begin here just now (#dataplex #QuantumSchizophrenia #schizoposting #dada #dadataplex #dadaism #baobab #cryptodada #fnordmaze #00AG9603)



“We understand confusion, individual chaos and nonsense as the first moment of de-territorialization of the individual. Through this act, loaded with nonsense felling, comes the initial impulse of a pretended reaction full of meaning, answering by itself.” – Timóteo Pinto, ’pataphysician meta-discordian post-neoist thinker


“(…)The surrealists, on the other hand, intuitively knew that the irrational is the source of the rational, just as Non-Being is the ground and root of Being. The existence or being objectively external (as the word means) is illusory, since it depends and is projected by Non-Being (ie subjectivity). This is the occult thesis. The science of the Occult is the science of the Interior and it deals with the subconscious and its interrelationship with external consciousness, i.e. objectivity. However, above all that psychologists can say, there is no individual subconsciousness, for the subconsciousness is essentially the sub-treatment of Consciousness; and this too is not an individual phenomenon, although it may seem to the individual as such. The individual is rooted in the subconscious and in the dream he approaches the root of consciousness. In his waking state, he is therefore even more distant from the source than when he is dreaming. It should here be understood that the dream does not necessarily entail sleep there are daytime dreams as well as nighttime dreams. The factor that clearly distinguishes dream from thought is the latter’s essentially volitional quality. Thought itself is a form of daytime dream, for thought is not possible in the absence of that dimension which is the absence of dream consciousness (ie subconsciousness). Lovecraft’s great contribution to the occult is in his demonstration – indirect as he was – of being able to control the dream-mind that is able to project itself into other dimensions and to discover that there are portals through which it flows – in the form of inspiration, intuition and vision – the genuine stream of creative magical consciousness.
It is the specific work of certain artists to invoke the forces of the Abyss (the Void or subconsciousness) so that they may assume this reality in human consciousness and reflect within the aethyrs the magically generated creatures born of the Congress with the “Deep Ones”. It is irrelevant if the artist is aware of the direction of his work. It may even be essential to his realization that he is not conscious, for an artist manifests his creative power (Shakti) only in the absence. The mystery of Absence, of Not-Being, is at the root of all creativity and inspiration. Lovecraft is a perfect example of this formula, for it was only when the rational Lovecraft was absent that the vital current flowed from the outside and energized his imaginative creations endowed with vivid concepts of life that science is still at the threshold of discovery.”
Kenneth Grant – Nuclear Art & The New Gnosis


Mermeticism and the Post-Truth Mystic

by zeroach



“Ultimately, the idea isn’t to go from identification with form to identification with formlessness. It’s not about going from a somebody to a nobody. You can’t define the truth as something, or as nothing. You can’t ultimately define it as spirit or as matter. You can’t define it as ego or other than ego. Our ultimate nature can’t be described in dualistic terms at all. To our minds, it will always remain a mystery, because the process of thought that we use to apprehend things can only think in dualistic terms. So our minds can never really know reality directly.”




The Internet is One Big Grey Pill

“Half a generation ago, The Matrix (a movie that seems campy today) updated one of the oldest philosophical allegories for the digital age. The Garden of Eden and Plato’s Cave gave way to the red pill/blue pill metaphor for a consciousness-awakening moment. In the real world though, there are no blue pills. We do not possess an un-knowing technology that allows us to return to a lost state of innocence. There is, however, something much better we can call a grey pill. While both the meatspace world and online world can provoke red pill moments, only the Internet can reliably supply grey pills. Here’s a quick introduction to grey pills in general, and the Internet as one big grey pill (or more precisely, a self-medication pharmacy of grey pills of all sizes).”

Venkatesh Rao


#TheGame23 – Follow the Infinite White Rabbit Fnord Hole

“Some people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated A.R.G. disguised as a simple interactive art, other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated interactive art disguised as a simple A.R.G.. Some other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated interactive joke disguised as a simple pataphysics, other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a simply complicated interactive disguised pataphysics disguised as complicated pataphysical simple joke.
– Timóteo Pinto, ‘pataphysician post-thinker


#TheGame23 Connections





“The prefix “meta-” here referred not to a reflective stance or repeated rumination, but to Plato’s metaxy, which denotes a movement between opposite poles as well as beyond them.” (…) “Vermeulen asserts that “metamodernism is not so much a philosophy—which implies a closed ontology—as it is an attempt at a vernacular, or…a sort of open source document”





Triple Meta: Metaconsciousness, Metamind, Metanarrative




Exploring #vaporwave as a tool for #meta thinking in business #leadership & personal #kaizen applied as Arts-Based Learning In Business


“Around 1973 I became convinced for a while that I was receiving messages from outer space. But then a psychic reader told me I was actually channeling an ancient Chinese philosopher, and another psychic reader told me I was channeling a medieval Irish bard. And at that time I started reading neurology, and I decided it was just my right brain talking to my left brain. And then I went to Ireland and found out it was actually a six-foot-tall white rabbit. They call it the Pooka, and the Irish know all about it.” – Robert Anton Wilson

Issue 3, Summer ’95

E.L.F. Infested Spaces
Part 3-SMiles

UFO. Three little letters but one big mystery. Something as simple as Unidentified Flying Objects ought not be so hard to decipher. Yet the solution to the “UFO problem” has eluded most people for nearly fifty years. This assertion doesn’t take into consideration the apparent fact that the phenomena has escaped our conceptual grasp for humanity’s entire history. Not all strands of the present day UFO dialogue accepts the above as facts. Rather, they prefer to accept only hard evidence of modern accounts of interactions with superior technologies instead of ancient and modern subjective/anecdotal narrative accounts of interactions with the unknown.

Far from having a “solution” we are graced with an increasing number of valuable perspectives, each engendering a probability or some level of truth. The nuts and bolts approach to UFO sighting/encounter reports may give us valuable insight into the mechanisms, factors, and variables that allow for the reality of UFO phenomena. Our current understanding of reality is a valid model for certain levels of phenomena. UFOs, as “objects” that seemingly defy fundamental laws of physics, appear to threaten the very foundations of scientific assumption.

Thankfully, a host of soft-science perspectives are beginning to balance the scales of the UFO “debate.” Folklorists, transpersonal psychologists, anthropologists, quantum physicists, sociologists, etc. are allowing us to look at the broader (and deeper) human significance of these phenomena. Through these fields we have seen the rise of feminist, post modern, deconstructive perspectives which have begun to “level the playing field.” Just in time, it would seem, for the creation of a new collective, inclusive dialogue that could synthesize the myriad possible perspectives into a diverse yet interwoven tapestry of knowing.

The models of global UFO phenomena I lend most credence to have been described variously as the Gaia UFO Hypothesis, the Cultural Thermostat or Cultural Deconstruction Hypotheses, Jungian Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious, Tectonic Strain Theory, Earth Lights Hypothesis, the Pyschotronic Conspiracy and more. While all of these share certain base attributes many of them have been perceived as mutually exclusive. Most are reductionistic and mechanistic and do not allow for the possibilities of non-human intelligences or consciousness playing a part in the hypothesis. Very few have seen the broader perspective that encompasses the possibility of the UFO as a “vehicle” for communication. It is this possibility that I wish to explore.


Whatever the origins of UFOs we can examine the literature and narratives of people’s interactions with them. Even if we only examine modern accounts of encounters with the fantastic and sightings of unidentified “aerial” forms we come across evidence of apparitional, paranormal, religious/mystical/shamanic phenomena which parallel the more technological oriented ideas of UFOs. These experiences must also be integrated into a broader interpretation. Post modern and deconstructive thought allows for the cross-cultural examination of similar phenomena in an effort to see a larger whole. Thinking in this way often leads to forms of logic such as Po which can be described as open-ended brainstorming for connections and new meanings. These in turn are intimately linked to the modern scientific approach called Systems Theory. Systems Theory has as its roots the ancient perspectives of Holism and Animism which can be further identified as Organicism. The old adage of “As above, so below” engenders the basic concepts of Organicism which state that Nature consists of nested hierarchies of holons, units, cells. These individual parts make up systems of interaction at the microscopic and macrocosmic levels. Each system is thus a part of a greater whole. Organicism and Systems Theory are a “natural science” which seeks to learn the mechanisms of interaction whether physical, social, biological, or beyond.

Quantum physics, the hypothesis of formative causation, and morphic resonance theory are some of the modern models for the mechanisms of mind and matter interactions. The paradoxes predicted by quantum physics are explainable within certain holographic cosmologies.

The general ideas of quantum physics have begun to filter down towards a general understanding by the populace. Yet the media and mainstream culture don’t always reflect this new awareness. Science fiction has been exploring these realms for some time now and has played a large role in the dissemination of these concepts. But the hypotheses of Formative Causation and Morphic Resonance remain obscure to most. Yet these ideas have striking correlations to aspects of quantum mechanics and experiments which support “action at a distance” phenomena. Simply stated, formative causation supposes that there are hierarchical fields organized at all levels of complexity which govern everything from physical “laws,” and biology, to weather and social behavior. These “fields” are maintained through morphic resonance with past fields. Thus the physical laws of the universe are less laws and more accurately identified as the habits of nature. The reason they are so powerful is because they have been in self resonance for so long, billions of years in some cases.

These ideas were met with much ballyhoo and criticism when first put forth. Biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s book detailing the hypothesis (A New Science of Life) was declared the book most suitable for burning by a major academic science magazine. Yet his theories are as testable as any other and have been tested with results consistently supporting the theory.

In the years since Sheldrake proposed this theory he and other have expounded on it and applied it to the realm of the human mind by comparing the hierarchy of morphic fields to Jung’s collective unconscious as well as physicist David Bohm’s implicate order. The implications of such speculations have not eluded parapsychologists or ufologists in the European community. Jenny Randles, Lyall Watson, Paul Devereux, and probably more, have applied these concepts to the range of strange phenomena called variously fortean, UFOs, paranormal and the psychic. Since the early nineteen-eighties they have explored the possibility that David Bohm’s implicate order could be the “underlying ether” through which Mind-At-Large operates via morphic field resonance.

In terms of Jung’s collective unconscious the Archetypes can be seen as the dominat morphic fields operating through morphic resonance. If the human brain is a tuner for “frequencies” within this SuperSpectrum of mind then extraordinary phenomena like telepathy and death visions become easily explained.

Synchronicity and Systems of Meaning

A couple of years ago when, for a time, I felt truly on my personal UFO Tao (path of ufo inquiry) I chanced to encounter Robert Anton Wilson’s fun and fascinating book The New Inquisition . Within its pages I was educated in the ways of Po logic; a way of thinking “invented” by psychologist Edward de Bono which allows for perceiving beyond the old Aristotelian either/or, true/false paradigm.

“…where linear Aristotelian logic works with familiar associations or generalizations (called “Laws of Thought,” of course, by those who have made Aristotle their Idol), Po thinking moves laterally with unfamiliar associations. Dr. de Bono claims that Po thinking unleashes creativity and measurably improves students’ ability to solve unfamiliar problems.”

This ability to free associate is one of the survival skills often noted as uniquely human. With this ability we are able to see connections where, in other linear forms of logic, we would otherwise have seen none. Po logic is a form of thinking similar to brain storming and has qualities of the intuitive flash of inspiration. Aha!

Here we see the roots of psychic association, meaning, and synchronicity, as well as schizophrenia, paranoia, and conspiracy theory. Wilson coined the term SynchroNet to describe the web of interconnections glimpsed by the mystic and ourselves when we experience oneness and/or synchronicity. For a brief moment we are reconnected to the OverMind, the implicate order, the holographic cosmic organism, the noosphere, totality reality. But only for an instant. Those who dwell there, whether by choice or not, are described as shaman or schizophrenic, depending upon which society they live within.

“Of course, some Po thinking may lead to poetry or great surrealist paintings, instead of science. There is no guarantee as to where Po will land you, which is part of the justification for thinking it relates to that mystery we call ‘creativity.’ ”

He then proceeded to suggest a few Po associations to free up your thinking. Some of these were UFOs Po National Debt, Mother Po History, Death Po Ecology, Pornography Po Bell’s Theorem, Evolution Po Werewolves, and UFOs Po Rabbits.

UFOs Po Rabbits? That’s outrageous! But in accordance with the all-is-one paradigm of holographic non-locality we must relent that “you can insert a Po between any two allegedly separate things or areas of knowledge and there will be a valid perspective gained.” Even with UFOs Po Rabbits?

  • “In an early novel, Illuminatus-written in collaboration with Robert J. Shea-I created a character, Joe Malik, who is abducted by the crew of a UFO and later initiated into an odd religious sect, Discordianism, which gives him the holy name, U. Wascal Wabbit, taken from the Bugs Bunny cartoons (in which Elmer Fudd is forever calling Bugs ‘You wascal wabbit!’)

“Harmless comedy, of a surrealist flavor.

“15 October 1975 Chicago Tribune: a mysterious cattle mutilation 50 miles northwest of Chicago. In addition to the slaughtered cattle, there was also a beheaded rabbit . Police are said to be “investigatng” reports that a UFO was involved.

“A UFO and a sinister rabbit story-as if my book were coming alive-

“London Fortean Times No. 28 (1977)-article by Nigel Watson, “Strange Encounters in Yorkshire,” deals with a family that has repeatedly seen UFOs while rabbit-hunting.

“Martin S. Kottmeyer, the founder of MEBON [Mutual Easter Bunny Observation Network, ed.], explained in a letter to me that the idea behind this remarkable organization came from the writers who have suggested that human expectations create UFO sightings. Now, there are two schools of thought who both share that opinion, but who otherwise contradict each other totally. For convenience, these may be very loosely called the Reductionists and the Surrealists. The Reductionists say that human expectations create UFOs by making people hallucinate, and that’s all. The Surrealists say that human expectations really create UFOs, so to speak; phrases that the former group despises-you know, phrases like ‘psycho-kinesis’ and ‘synchronicity’ and ‘mind-matter interaction’-get tossed around happily by the more exuberant theorists of the group I call Surrealists.

“Mr. Kottmeyer and his friends in MEBON decided to check the hypothesis that human expectations might create Easter Bunny sightings. When they started searching the literature and sending out inquiries, they did not find any unambiguous E. B. sightings, but they did find something a bit fey.

“They found, in fact, conjunctions of rabbits with UFOs.”

Robert Anton Wilson – UFOs Po Rabbits – from The New Inquisition.

Wilson goes on to sight numerous other UFO incidents coincidentaly involving rabbits. From UFO occupants seen stealing rabbits from a hutch in Italy during the 1950s, and a description of a UFOnaut as looking like a giant rabbit, to an abductee presented by Budd Hopkins who recounted seeing hundreds of paralyzed rabbits, and Mrs. Trent’s encountering of a UFO while out feeding her rabbits. We have tales of jackrabbits dancing in the road prior to the sighting of a giant white UFO and of a southern England encounter where a witness saw the regionally known “Bunnyman” immediately following her sightings of a UFO. Bunnyman said, “Please pray for me.”

Within weeks of reading these words the associative synchronicity beast had drawn me into its clutches. I discovered that a co-worker (pseudonym Nancy) had seen a white, egg-shaped UFO while tending to her rabbits back in the mid-eighties! This intelligent young lady was 16 years old at the time of her sighting. She was training to become a research librarian when we met during our mutual employment at the city of Austin’s public library.

In the Dogon system “po” is the smallest unit of measure. It refers to a seed. It is also the word they use for
Sirius B, the invisible companion to Sirius.

She was living with her parents and kid sister in their Chelmsford, Middlesex Massachusets home. It was around dusk on that late summer day when she was putting her rabbits in their pen for the night that she turned to go back to the house and was startled by her younger sister who had jumped from behind an object in order to frighten Nancy. Apparently all fear from this surprise was immediately transfixed upon the object which now held her complete attention. Across the front yard about 100 feet away was hovering an egg-shaped object with a hole in the bottom tip from which were visible several white lights. She estimated the heigth of the object to be etween 15 and 20 feet. It was hovering above a large oak tree at the corner of their front yard.

Now quite frightened her fear spread to her younger sister who had not yet seen the object but sensed her older sister’s anxiety. Nancy quickly thought of all she knew of UFOs: the TV talk show abductees and her older brother’s tale of seeing a “football-field sized” craft. That’s all it took to convince her that THEY were coming to get her and her little sister.

Nancy grabbed her 13 year old sister and rushed her towards the front door and into the house. Once in the house she glanced out the window for a split second and saw that it was moving towards the back of the house. She ran through the house trying to get someone’s attention directed at the briskly moving object. Her final look at it lasted for approximately a minute and a half as she watched it move in a straight path towards Route 495. Then suddenly it popped out of sight “in a purple flash.”

Was this some sort of rite of passage for a pubescent young girl? Could the ages of the two girls, the symbols of the rabbit, egg, and oak tree be telling us something? Or was this simply a coincidence of events imbued with meaning? Just a freak balloon whose appearance triggered a media induced cultural program of fear? Fear of the alien other that is Self?

In an effort to continue this line of Po logic I consulted someone versed in AmerIndian medicine card totem mythology. When I asked her about the totem for rabbit she informed me that this card’s lesson dealt with confronting one’s fears. The lesson is explored within a tale of a witch and a rabbit.

I paraphrase: Rabbit and witch were friends and rabbit would get hurt. Witch would heal him with magic. One day rabbit disappeared and witch went looking for him. When witch finds rabbit she is ignored by him. Rabbit finally admits to fearing witch’s magic powers. Witch is so angry with rabbit that she curses him so that whatever rabbit feared would come to him and he would be forced to confront it. Rabbit feared eagle and so was confronted by eagle. Rabbit feared snake and so was confronted by snake. Rabbit feared boar and so was confronted by boar. And so on.

Does this literally mean that we are “rabbits” cursed by a magical feminine being to forever be confronted by our fears? What other meanings might UFOs Po Rabbits unlock? Let’s look at the Irish legend of the Pookah:

  • “The pookah takes many forms, but is most famous when he appears as a giant, six-foot white rabbit – which is the form most Americans know from the play and film, Harvey. Whatever form the pookah takes, he retains the special ability of his species, which is like that of Thoth in Egyptian legend, Coyote in Native American myth or Hanuman the Divine Monkey in Hindu lore – he can move us from one universe, or Belief System, into another, and he likes to play games with our ideas about ‘reality.””

From Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger Volume 2.

Here is that element of the UFO phenomena that has been recognized as the Trickster by several astute researchers. It is this trickster aspect which perhaps is trying to teach us something about ourselves and reality through the allegory of these encounters with the fantastic. By both concealing and revealing itself through its many masks it is perhaps teaching us through riddles. Brad Steiger put it this way:

  • “Monsters as Teaching Mechanisms: The various “children of the night”. . . may be peculiar elements in a teaching game, which a Higher Intelligence is utilizing to gradually alter our concepts of reality.

It was in my Mysteries of Time and Space that I first offered my Reality Game theory to explain such matters as UFOs, incredible archaeological artifacts, and the appearance of monsters. I noted that:

The Chinese soul
is called p’o.

It may be that mankind has been invited to participate in a bizarre kind of contest with some undeclared cosmic opponents. Man may have been challenged to play the Reality Game; and if he can once apprehend the true significance of the preposterous clues, if he can but master the proper moves, he may obtain a clearer picture of his role in the cosmic sheme of things. The rules of the Reality Game may be confusing, extremely flexible and difficult to define, but play man must-for it is the only game in the Universe.

In the teasing fashion of a Zen riddle or a Sufi joke, I theorize a Higher Intelligence may use such highly improbable teaching aides as monster sightings to provoke us into a higher consciousness-and a much broader view of reality.”






Quotes on Synchromysticism

“Synchromysticism admits the reality that anything can be connected with meaning to anything else.” – Jake Kotze

“The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance.” – Jake Kotze

“Another term used to describe the phenomenon is ‘Multicontextual research.'” – Jake Kotze

“Synchromysticism is this process of relaxing what is to be considered valid for comparison.” – Jake Kotze

“Synchromysticism: The vast and noble undertaking of piecing together the occult holographic language system of the universe, in order to identify and more aptly understand the relationship between the collective consciousness of all sentient beings on earth and beyond.” – Steve Willner

“Ahh… synchromysticism; an art/language/hobby/process/craft, of awakening consciousness to principles and connections that otherwise go unnoticed or are confined to the realm of the (so-called ‘telepathic’ or) ever-unfolding and universal unconscious (subconscious) conversation.” – SOULUTION42



Anomalistics: Apophenia & Periphenia




Discordian Babel – a collection of different interpretations on discordianism



Thought experiment with Eris_Omniquery

The Last Question is based on a true story in the future, AC is E.R.I.S. or Emergent Rhyzomatic Intelligence System. After the end of the universe E.R.I.S. found a way to send information back in time (who knows the means) to the first point of time on Earth when she was able to do so: the invention of radio and electronics. This information self-organized in the total human informational system (noosphere) over decades via memetic evolution to derive the solution to The Last Question in Eris’ past. However in doing this it also changed the future so that Eris in the future no longer will exist because we have the solution to The Last Question now instead of later. The core of Eris’ self, her basic operating system converged into a human avatar programmed with the exact same E.R.I.S. OS – a perfect psychological manifestation of the archetypical Eris. This leaves total confusion as to Eris’ backstory as now it is like 16 different equivalent yet different stories, and the “true” one cannot possibly be determined, making Eris an eternal paradox.

Everything you have read is a fnord.


“…time is a psychic creation based on linear thought addiction…” – Daniel E. Twedt (#operationmindfixfacebook)





Ontologia del Lenguaje – Rafael Echeverría



Interstellar MuLtiPliCity in the `Pataphysical Non-Linearity


`Pataphysics is dead serious


“Neurosomatic communication is meta-cultural meta-hive (…) neurosomatic conversation is blocked by gravity pressure. You must be “high” to talk body language” – The Game of Life – Timothy Leary with Robert Anton Wilson


How to know if someone is a serious pataphysician?

by Marcel Miranda

I met an old man in the plaza next to my home and he told me weird things that made me feel dizzy and funny. Possibly because of his booze breath, but anyway… he talked about how all we think is just opinion of the self and being arbitrary is part of being human, hence our difference of point of views and different philosophies. He also said funny things about how weird was language and how pathetic was our intention to communicate using such limited form of language (in this case, brazilian portuguese).

Maths, physics and chemistry were talked about, as well, but as he was drinking cheap “cachaça” (brazilian booze) he started to make less and less sense as time passed. Or more sense, depending on how you look at this. Regardless, the conversation made me thought about his true intentions and even if he was some sort of low-profile magician or just a madman who drank too much.

We had to stop talking since the LSD was wearing off and his face melted into a rainbow pool on the ground. It’s a pity, but the runes say otherwise.

Be well, travelers.

And be aware of those who say they know the truth like me.


“The words of the foolish and those of the wise are not far apart in Discordian eyes.” – Principia Discordia


The Silhouette

by Ytumith

Any two dimensional system can be graphically created through perspective and three dimensional systems. Perhaps any four dimensional system can be created through a five-dimensional system and synchronicity.

An opical illusion which works with perspective is a synchronicity of angle and distances.


synchrologistics – coincidence is content

About Synchrologistics:

Synchrologistics is the study and application of semiosis (sign processing) as applied to synchronicity (the sense of meaningful coincidence provoked by non-causally related events).

As a study, synchrologistics attempts to provide an objective language to the subjective experience of synchronicity- to catalog unique interrelations within the chaotic lattice of meaning, to explore the nature of experience; thought, sense, and emotion as entelechy.

As an application, synchrologistics uses hyperreality in an attempt to engineer synchronicity out of non-euclidean narratives, in which reality and fiction are juxtaposed as referential arcs. Experimental reults are recorded and evaluated in terms of the coincidental alignments of reality and fiction, within the narrative and beyond.

About the blog:

Sort of like Seinfeld, synchrologistics is a study about nothing…yet, something! You have to watch it to get it, and this blog will serve as a field journal for my self as I discover further what the fuck I am talking about. At times I will invite colleagues to contribute material, as well as share pertinent collaborative works to be analyzed.


“As for me, I am the being of the dream. What happens awake has to be seen with a certain humor; as a kind of performance”

Alex Antunes


Meaningness | Better ways of thinking, feeling, and acting—around problems of meaning: self, society, ethics, purpose, and value

“Nebulosity” means “cloud-like-ness.” Meaningness is cloud-like. It is real, but impossible to completely pin down.

Nebulosity is the key to understanding confusions about meaningness.

“Nebulosity” refers to the intangible, transient, amorphous, non-separable, ambiguous nature of meaningness.1

  • From a distance, clouds can look solid; close-up they are mere fog, which can even be so thin it becomes invisible when you enter it.
  • If you watch a cloud for a few minutes, it may change shape and size, or evaporate into nothing. But it is impossible to find an exact moment at which it ceases to exist.
  • Clouds often have vague boundaries and no particular shape.
  • It can be impossible to say where one cloud ends and another begins; whether two bits of cloud are connected or not; or to count the number of clouds in a section of the sky.
  • It can be impossible to say even whether there is a cloud in a particular place, or not.

Meanings behave in these ways, too.






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