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All Hail the Goddess Eris


by Robert Anton Wilson

From Gnostica: News of the Aquarian Frontier, Volume 3, Issue 12 in July 1974.



Since many of you out there are only unconscious Discordians so far, this first blast will be an introduction to Discordian atheology, to enable you to become conscious Discordians at once.

Nobody is excluded from the Discordian Society for reasons of race, religion, politics, sex, celibacy, being a cabbage, or anything like that. Every sentient being is an Honorary Discordian. We accept you, totally whoever or whatever you are.

This leads to an inevitable objection, which helpfully leads right into the center of Discordian metaphysics.

Some of you will distrust this universal good-vibe-ism and suspect an ulterior motive. Some will be so ornery as to refuse to be incorporated just because you are being offered it with no strings attached. Others will make a principle of recalcitrance and insist that we can’t accept you without your consent.

It doesn’t matter. You are still part of the Discordian Society. You are, to be precise, in the Accordian Society, a subsect reserved for those who reject Discordianism entirely.

Discordianism includes its own opposite. like all ideas above “the abyss” in Cabalistic language. (In Discordian language, there is no abyss. That region around Da’ath and those unheimlich places in general are called the Realm of Thud.)

Thus, we worship Eris, goddess of Discord and Chaos. (See Bulfinch for all the boring details.) Since Discord needs something to be discordant with, we also worship Her sister, Aneris, patroness of the Accordian Society.

The symbol of Eris is the Apple of Discord, which she threw into a party on Olympus (thereby indirectly causing Paris to get the hots for Helen, with results described by Lady Homer in the poems plagiarized by another Greek named Homer who later got all the credit). The symbol of Aneris is the Pentagon, which represents Stability, Law’n’Order, Nixonology, the Thule Society, and all sorts of dull, respectable or patriotic forms of homicide.

Or, in terms of over-simplification, Eris is the spirit of anarchy (Harpo), Aneris is the spirit of bureaucracy (Chico), and the Discordian Society is their synthesis in dynamic unbalance forever (Groucho).

Without Eris, no Aneris. Without Aneris, no Eris. Without unbalance, no progress: stagnation, death, Pasadena.

In the perpetual juggling of Eris and Aneris, Shem and Shaun, Discordian and Accordian, Hodge Podge, “our social something bumps along bumpily” (as Joyce says in the Wake) in the form of “a human (pest) cycling (pist!) and re-cycling (past).”

There are five stages to each cycle, even though Joyce only knew about four, and poor old Marx only knew about three.

These stages are Chaos, or the thesis; Discord, or the antithesis; Confusion, or the synthesis; Bureaucracy, or the parenthesis; and Aftermath, or the paralysis.

Eris, as spirit of Chaos (=156 by Cabala and thereby equals Babalon in Crowley’s less sophisticated system) broods over all ages of pure Chaos. This makes certain aneristic types uneasy, leading to:

Discord, or “How the West Was Lost;” the Marshall comes in looking like Clint Eastwood and the State is established, and things get more and more regimented; thereby creating or incarnating Aneris, spirit of Organization, creating

Confusion, as everybody goes around asking “Who’s in charge here? What do I do next? Where can I hang my coat?” and things like that. Will has been divorced from body; each human is his brother’s and sister’s “keeper;” conformity and slavery thrive (and the Freudian “unconscious” is created out of all the lost Wills, baffled Desires, surrendered Needs. etc.); whereby Aneris waxeth great, promoting

Bureaucracy, which immediately begins to re-charge Eris according to the great Discordian equation

Imposition of order=escalation of chaos

and the “papyraceous formation” of Proudhon is created: tons of decrees, laws, rules, regulations etc. rain hard upon the increasingly frantic and disoriented population, leading to strikes, riots, insurrections. revolutions, anarchy and

Aftermath, in which things slowly evolve toward the original Chaos, and a new cycle starts.

So much for sociology. (Hah!) The same principles, Discordians claim (or are deluded into believing) hold throughout Existence (and Non-Existence) on all levels.

Protoplasm, for instance, is held together by the conflict of erisian forces (electrical charge, driving each colloidal particle away from all others) and anerisian forces (surface tension, drawing all the particles together). As long as this dynamic unbalance remains, the protoplasm is “alive:” life is unbalance.

On the larger scale, the galaxies seem to be maintained, as Buckminster Fuller has shown, by opposing forces of tension (expansion) and compression (contraction).

Crafty readers will easily see how this Discordian/Accordian tendency appears in the amity-enmity of religious bodies Christian, Moslem, pagan or whatever.

Thus, if you only mildly oppose this Discordian atheology, you are only mildly Accordian, but still part of the Opposite which gives Discordianism a reason to exist; but if you violently oppose us (for reducing metaphysics to a clown-show, say), then you are a strong part of the Opposite and give us even more reason to exist.

Everybody is part of Discordianism; I repeat. because now you are ready to understand the profundity of the joke, somewhat.

Needless to say, this atheology is an expression in language of the great spiritual truth which the Master Therion expressed mathematically in the equation 0=2.

Existence is the unreal resultant (0) of the imaginary conflict of two (2) non-existent forces.

The jewel is in the lotus: the Apple is in the Pentagon. We become what we love, but we also become what we hate. These are special cases of the general Sufi principle that we become what we passionately imagine. (Korzybski and Gurdjieff called this “passionate imagination” by the name Identification, if you are trying to translate this nonsense into one of the more familiar systems of philosophical or occult nonsense.)

Discordians do not enter into bliss like Buddhists or other low-level types like that. Entering into bliss is just another Accordian delusion, ignoring the Opposite again and thus remaining mired in Malkus on a higher level. Discordians are just as capable of entering into bliss as any other shamans, witches, magicians, yogis, dopers, artists and clowns, but Discordians are also capable of coming out of bliss and “re-incarnating.” A fully-trained Discordian adept may re-incarnate as many as twenty times a day.

It has been objected in Certain Quarters that Discordianism is a “female chauvinist” plot, because both Eris and Aneris are ladies and there don’t seem to be any male gods in this system.

This objection is easily met. Gods and goddesses, like space, time, mass, etc., are creations of the human nervous system, abstractions, symbols. (Nothing up either sleeve, you see; now watch what I do next:) Therefore, another symbolism containing the same truth is also true. Or, as Sri Syadasti said, “Truth is five but men have only one name for it.”

In our alternative symbology, Eris remains female but Aneris is only a Veil before the mystery of the true God of law’n’order, who is male. In fact, he is Eris inside-out, or Sire, the Father-spirit. Finally, in the New Aeon, Eris and Sire do a complicated 69 like Nuit and Hadit in the Stele of Revealing, and become Risers (Eris-Sire intertwined backwards), the twin spirits of Aquarian Consciousness also symbolized by Crowley’s Horus twins.

Thus, Eris (moon-goddess) is Sire (sun-god) is Risers (star-gods), as in the 0 (Nuit), 1 (Hadit), 2 (Ra-Hoor-Khuit, Hoor-Par-Krat) symbolism of the Book of the Law. Neat? The full equation, which Crowley missed, is 0=1=2. This explains all the mysteries, East and West, North and South, everywhere.

(Cf. “The Star Ruby” with its formulae: “Father and Mother are One God, Father and Daughter are One God, Mother and Son are One God, Son and Daughter are One God, Not six nor four nor two nor one nor none,” etc.)

It will be understood by the Cabalistic reader that Discordianism is a system of transcendental Atheism, agnostic Gnosticism, skeptical Monotheism, and unified Dualism. In short, the Erisian revelation is not a complicated put-on disguised as a new religion, but a new religion disguised as a complicated put-on.


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The Hermetic hEreCtic DisOrder of the Golden Apple

When you speak to us, you speak to a zenarchian collective of hyper-surrealist post-neoist galdruxian meta-discordians concerned with intra-corporial contact.

We do not make uniform observations or agree on most matters. Our levels of humor and seriousness vary.

Our main ritual consist in Rubbing the Wabbajack.

Our agents work in mysterious ways. Following us can provoke ontological shock and increase levels of compassion.

Or not.

You have been warned.


KSTXI Pataphysical Onanastic Guide of The Hermetic hEreCtic Society of the Onanastic Hand 


Amour Fou

“In the sphere of mad, elective love, woman, the path of reconciliation between man and nature, is ADORED. The surrealists are, in this particular, modern heirs of the romantics. In fact, women maintain, by their biological composition and millennial social formation, much more expressive than man, a way of life more innocently linked to mystery and magic. The woman’s beauty, a promise of happiness, is a living attempt on the “performance principle” of the affluent society, as well as the emphasizes the frankfurtian Herbert Marcuse in Eros and Civilization. “

Timóteo Pinto, pataphysician post-thinker



The Hermetic hEreCtic Society of the Onanastic Hand

The Hermetic hEreCtic Society of the Onanastic Hand is the only mistery school where you will receive true occult knowledge through the Highly Recommended Masters (H.R.M.).

We have the audacity of ignorance, we are always aware of the latest wrong informations, but that does not stop us from saying that here you will learn everything you already knew about NOTHING!


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#TheGame23 Mod 42.5 – Enter the Infinite Rabbit Hole

“Some people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated A.R.G. disguised as a simple interactive art, other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated interactive art disguised as a simple A.R.G.. Some other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated interactive joke disguised as a simple pataphysics, other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a simply complicated interactive disguised pataphysics disguised as complicated pataphysical simple joke.

– Timóteo Pinto, ‘pataphysician post-thinker


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00AG9603 main goal is to help you create your “own” Dataplex, a large and bestial hydra made of data and bits, that can devour anyone who is certain enough that can confront its wildly incomprehensive and cryptographic nature. A dataplex is therefore a cryptosophical entity, that connects people through hypercomplex semio-occult means, hypnotizes others with its enigmatic knowledge and datanets, inspiring all the open minds that enter in contact with it to explore further into the absurd.

An effective dataplex must work like a higher dimensional spider web, capturing data that comes in contact with its occult nets, twisting and folding everything it touches into continuously moving hyperplanes. it is fed with data, ideas, emotions, dreams… it melts every being that dreams to be solid and finite into an amorfous fluid of efervescent chaos. Therefore, every sentient being can get affected by the forces that comes out of a dataplex. The ability of self-reflection, self analysis and a continuous process of folding itself into layers of incomplete meaning, is what defines a sentient being, the primary target of a dataplex. The first time you acknowledge its existence and sees yourself questioning it, is when you are already infected by its web, unable to make sense of it. Your existence will be fractured, your emotions will be melting into an oniric soup, and all your life will be stripped away from that which you call “I”, only to be born again as a hypercomplex web of multiple agents/forces/affects, a fractal-being

Every single thing in all that exists, is a dot of its own, a lonely and inutile unidimentional point in space. Every connection between things, dualities and paradoxes are of two dimentional complexity, they retain two simultaneous polarities that can only be understood through points of reference. Start expanding vertices as you meld into other dots, and other links, lines, cells… create a vast and rich data ecosphere around your fractal-being, expand, glitch and hack the world around you until you start forming a complex polytope, an alive and incomprehensible dataplex, lost in an infinite flight towards the great unknown.

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Tyranical Temple of the Sacred Silyness

Making the World Mad with the Laughter of the Sacred Silycron one pineal gland at a time…

I, His Holiness NincomPope Nonsensicleez Oddball Flumox the Questionable The Invincible Nasty Hermit, Most Divine Empirical Pedagogical Wizard, Supreme Chaosopher of the Society for the Pathologically Anti-Authoritarian, Keeper of the Sacred Khao, Grand High Scepticum of the TTTSS esq hereby announce the Sacred Sillycrons discovery and This Temple is Erection’d in its honor. If you wish to unlock its mysteries then join us! the whole Material Universe is exclusive property of Eris Discordia Goddess of Chaos, Confusion, Strife, Helter-Skelter and Hodge-Podge. No Spiritual power is even strong enough to dent Her chariot fenders. No material force can resist the temptation of Her Fifth Intergalactic Bank of the Acropolis Slush Fund for Graft and Corruption




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–Carrot Cultivation: Laurie Partridge & Carrot Pudding Symbolism
–How to Light Everything on Fire & Not Get Caught: The Teachings of Danny Partridge
–UN-YOGA- David Cassidy says, “My yoke is crisp and clean with no caffeine.”
–How to Change a School Bus Tire
–Television & Mountain Climbing Challenge & SkillsWould you like to know why Butterflies are Free?
The Order of the Goldie Hawn now accepting militant TV viewers.


Magic Never Dies – By Jon Rappoport


MultiCabal of the Very Confused

Did you have serious philosophical doubts as to whether you would be an Erisian, a Subgenii, a Belle-Parrachian, a Hihicronedian, a Delariant, or an adherent of some other similar Fnord Beliefs?

Your problems are over!!

Here you are all this, none of it, and Neither This nor That!

“The song of the birds… as singular as aphrodisiac, sex… yes, the cataclysmic flying of the Canadian weather, of the United States birds, and the floating of the sea breeze, brother blissett will still know our boat. Sex, sometimes this, sometimes that, sometimes this, is destined by the genital relationship-contact, naked contact with erogenous zones between two or more beings, which may or may not lead to jouissance, or to the energetic peak and its subsequent decrease. While two multiple and singular beings in their unique diversity, the contact between two partners or the contact with oneself (of two parts of one’s personality) attributes to the partner an onanastic Shimonian character, which masturbates itself sexually, produces a multiple sexual contact.
This leads us to indigenous experiences of bio-energetic organismic proliferation of plants through sex close to them, and this sex-influence character-flowering can be pervaded to humans… sexual contact in an open-closed enclosure can lead to large sexual-masturbatory waves. Instead of closing in a room, Timoteo Pinto should nevertheless open the doors and practice intercourse with himself as a star, I can evoke dream and fantasy and make these promises real because the degenerative psychosis of my personality is, in effect, the multiplication of sexual evolution as a incestuous-uncertain chain.
Doing incest with himself, as a member of the same condividual family, Timoteo Pinto creates the orgy, for there are many and none. So he becomes what he always was, a sacred villain in the history of a winged pig, called Timóteo Pinto Harashinga.”


“Most men, after all, are on their best behavior when under the spell of that double catenary curve; they stare or feed or caress and are as cozy as puppies — one cannot imagine them a threat to the earth, the animals or other men. But once they leave this central sacrament of existence and begin thinking about how the universe (or other people) might be improved, they are apt to go a bit wild and start brandishing clubs or cannons or hydrogen bombs. Nobody knows why the rest of us put them in government mansions instead of mental hospitals when they get stirred up that way, but they would certainly be better off contemplating Helen’s breasts (or Sophia’s or Marge’s or Jayne’s or Molly’s). Earth would not resemble hell quite so much if men attended to such earthly matters more and were not up in the air over ideologies.”

– Robert Anton Wilson, The Book of the Breast


KSTXI Hyper-Surrealist Fnord Agency


“If hyperreality is the ultimate blur of the line between artificial and “actual” reality, hyper-surrealism is the surreal aspects of supposed reality so brought to life that a rational basis for separating real and surreal is lost”

– Metapresa23


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Mankind must aknowledge the sturdy cuteness

By Pope Ytumith

There is a feature that is a mix of strength and adorableness that all prophets and gods share. This cuteness is like a color that we can barely see. Cats have it. All children and robots have it. This feature is not an ability or power and can not be reached through meditation or science and one can not raise children accordingly but all religions try.

To be enthusiastic about this innocent adoreableness, the moe that dwells in peacefull things, is the main motivation of all cultures. It exists outside of hodge and podge and isn’t a source or a consumer of anything. But our shared worldwide reaction to it is perhaps enough to unite our causes. To scout the universe in search for it.


“I must tell you that we artists cannot tread the path of Beauty without Eros keeping company with us and appointing himself as our guide.”

-Thomas Mann, Death in Venice (1912), Ch. 5, as translated by David Luke.




Miss Kitty with BeautyDafna Ganani



Sacrificing Virgins

By Kerry Thornley

Discordians do not believe in sacrificing virgins, because they are already in scarce supply. As paradoxical as it may seem, we do believe in sacrificing virginity itself.

As a faith devoted exclusively to confusion, we don’t worry much about contradictions. Ayn Rand said, “When there is a contradiction in your thinking, check your premises.”

A quick check of our premises reveals a blown fuse and a broken window, but no virginity. So the whole subject
is anyhow pretty academic.



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There is not a single person with an ego less inflated than Sarah Gulik. Once they asked Sarah who was the best Brazilian writer, and she said Sarice Gulispector. This lead to questions over the credibility of the first affirmation.


Lucretia Dalencourt, a non-existent existence

Lucretia Dalencourt is a non-existent existence who acknowledges anything and everyone, basically what gods were supposed to do or what we should be supposed to do with ourselves but no one knows how because everyone is lost.




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Mermeticism and the Post-Truth Mystic

by zeroach


I was around 14 when I first discovered Grant Morrison’s magnum opus The Invisibles. I am not the first to say that this comic changed my life. It was my intellectual introduction to anarchism, the nature of reality, and most importantly to this discussion, the occult. Morrison’s discussions on chaos magic made me start thinking about the nature of the occult and how it shapes reality. To those hard-nosed skeptics, this quote by fellow anarchist wizard Alan Moore may help “Magic in its earliest form is often referred to as ‘the art’. I believe this is completely literal. I believe that magic is art and that art, whether it be writing, music, sculpture, or any other form is literally magic. Art is, like magic, the science of manipulating symbols, words, or images, to achieve changes in consciousness.” Magick (which I will from henceforth be spelling as such), is real. It is the art of effecting the human mind and through that, affecting the world around us. To be a magician or sorcerer is to believe in your own ability make change in the world. Artists, writers, activists, propagandists, marketers, advertisers, and even at times, hackers, engineers, and scientists are practicing magic. All those in the business of creating something that will change behaviour are magicians.

One may wonder, in modern secular society, what is the role of magick? This is a fair question, I have always been a skeptic myself. The answer lies in where the role of magic has always been, empowerment. No one ever calls on the old gods of civilization if everything is going well for them. Magick is the tool of the damned, the disenfranchised. Using magick gives us a sense that we can in fact cause change. The advancement of science has brought humanity to heights it could never imagine. But for a great many this progress has de-enchanted the universe. This will only get worse as neuroscience marches on. Science fiction author R. Scott Bakker, in his novel Neuropath introduced an idea known as the semantic apocalypse. In this idea, not only could the revelation we automatons controlled by our brain’s programming potentially destroy consciousness itself, but as we learn how control and modify the functionality of the brain, we will lose our ability on a fundamental level to understand each other and recognize each other as thinking beings.

In our postmodern world, where all narratives are equally true and false, digital bubbles of conflicting narratives create political and social tribes already approaching semantic collapse, we are finding more people searching for meaning, leading many to fall into outdated narratives that promise to turn back the wheel of postmodernity. Of course it is impossible to put the genie back in its bottle. There were no golden ages and it’d be impossible to return to them if there were. This is where I turn to the metamodernist idea of Protosynthesis, creating narratives that may not be completely literally accurate, but are useful. The key is to both be able to treat them as true, but be aware they are not. Thus you can believe in them while they are useful, but if new information makes them less so, you have no dogma keeping you from disregarding them in favor of new ones. This is how even the skeptic can treat magic, and is in fact a tenet of chaos magick; belief is a tool.

Sanity is essentially a consensus reality, but in a world where consensus reality is falling apart there is room for embracing insanity. Obviously I can’t wave my fingers and fire lightning at my enemies (yet), but If I cast a spell calling for luck and proceed to win the lottery, or hex a political figure who then falls prey to a national scandal, why not assume my magic worked, even in a microscopic, butterfly effect way. It may be insane but it also may supply that spiritual connection to our other physical, political, and philosophical goals that once may have been held by oppressive religions.

Now that the “this is not as insane (or rather exactly as insane, but perhaps not as irrational) as it sounds” disclaimer is out of the way, let’s dig into the real purpose of this piece. To understand magick, at least within the scope of this piece, is to understand the Western Esoteric Tradition. This is the study of magick and “hidden (occult) forces” in the western world. In practice, Western Esotericists mostly just borrowed much older ideas and mixed them together into a series of mystical practices. The origins of these tend to be neopagan religions, folk magic traditions such as hoodoo and “granny magic”, Eastern religions, Kabbalah (jewish mysticism), the Gnostics, and most relevant to this piece the Hermetic Tradition.

The Hermetic Tradition, originating from ancient Egypt, was infused with Kabbalah to become the backbone of the modern Esoteric tradition. The Hermetic-Qabalah as practiced by groups such as The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (no relation to the modern neo-nazi movement in Greece), came to essentially define the Esoteric Tradition, eventually spawning directly and indirectly Aleister Crowley’s religion Thelema, Wicca, and eventually chaos magick. The Hermetic worldview is one in which there is the All, consisting of the Godhead, the Universe, the World, or the Truth, whatever you wish to call the origin and summation of all of existence. In the hermetic worldview all magic and spirits, even polytheistic gods, are ultimately products of this totality. The goal is to, through study, become more attuned to the Divine All. Magick is one way in which you accomplish this. We see much of the prototypes of modern sciences and philosophy in Hermeticism, from alchemy to astrology (many astrologers were also early astronomers) and the inspiration for Hegelian dialectics.

Fast forward to the late 20th century and we see a new, postmodern tradition rise in the occult: chaos magick. Chaos Magick attempted to cut the elitist bullshit from occultism. It encouraged experimentation, play, and pragmatism in it’s magick. Belief is treated as a malleable tool. If you want to work in a Hermetic or Kabbalistic paradigm, do so. If you want to invoke Superman, go ahead. Temporarily believing in different gods, archetypes, or even whole religions is common practice for a chaos magician. You then set aside those beliefs when you no longer need them. Seeing synchronicities, or meaningful coincidences, between your magical practices and reality keep you in the occult mindset. In a way, you can see it as weaponizing the placebo effect.

This is where we enter Meme Magic. During the campaign for the 2016 American presidential elections, we saw a series of memes rise on imageboards. They had taken the image of Pepe the frog, already established as a meme in these circles, and found synchronicities between him, various other memes in imageboard culture, and Kek, an ancient Egyptian god of primordial chaos. Through much misinterpretation of ancient Egyptian myths, and several synchronicities, the troll wing of the alt-right had developed an intricate memeplex, a parody religion based on Kek, who, through worshipping him and practicing “meme magic”, would help them elect Donald Trump president in order to destroy the liberal status quo. And for a while it has seemed as though it was working. With examples such as Trump’s victory and members of ISIS being killed after destroying a temple of the god Baal, who they link to Pepe/Kek through his shared name with the goetic demon Bael, who takes the form of a king, a frog, and a cat, supposedly linking him to both Pepe and 4chan who has long had an affinity to felines.

Now as silly as all this sounds, this is on one level classic chaos magick. The trolls were picking an archetype to work with, creating ritualistic behaviour (such as the trolls on 4chan seeking “dubs”, as repetitious numbers are seen as signs of Kek’s favor), and seeing synchronicities between their magic and reality. However this concept of meme magic, superficial and silly as it may be, might be hinting at a new evolution in occult tradition.

The key in this new evolution is an introduction of cybernetics into traditional chaos magick. For a quick explanation, Peter Carroll and Frater UD, two fathers of chaos magick, spelled out 4 “models” explaining how magick works. The Spirit model, in which magick relies on working with spirits or deities; the Energy model, which relies on manipulating invisible pseudo-scientific energies (such as chakra or orgone); the Psychological model, as more or less explained above, magick is mental, working through the manipulation of symbols and archetypes significant to our psyche; and lastly, the Information or Cybernetic model, where magick functions in a manner similarly to information in a digital system.

Chaos Magick, despite claiming to be able to work within any of the models, never really grew beyond the psychological model. Despite being coined by chaos magicians, the information model seems to have taken a while to really be fleshed out. As explained in Patrick Dunn’s Postmodern Magic, information theoretically is infinitely storable (provided you have the room for it), is not bound by the laws of energy or matter, and according to quantum physics, can exist independently of matter. Theoretically, it reconciles all three of the past models. If we do indeed live in a simulation, as is increasingly popular thought in recent years, perhaps the spirits and deities we imagine are purely informational beings, sentient memes like Nick Land’s Capitalistic God AI. Perhaps the manipulation of energy is simply the transfer of data. And the reason that the archetypes and symbols have such psychological significance is because they store/are made up of information. Under this understanding the science of memetics is arguably indistinguishable from cybernetic magic.

This finally takes me to my point. Perhaps this next model of magic is reconciling the wider Western Esoteric Tradition with “meme magic”. We now live in the anthropocene, where the human race has and continues to irrevocably change the face of the planet and it’s ecosystem. I propose that the Hermetic All is the collective human consciousness and all the interconnected systems we form with each other and our environment. Thus magick is simply manipulating these systems on a small scale in hopes of causing a butterfly effect on the wider system. Memes, aka magick, are the tool to accomplish this.

This is a metamodern mysticism, memetic hermetics or Mermeticism, if you will, combines the goals of the older Esoteric tradition, chaos magick, and meme theory. It seeks a form of enlightenment like the Hermetics, rejects their elitist hierarchies in the manner of chaos magick, and aims to spread and evolve it’s mystic knowledge throughout the human consciousness through the science of memetics. From the Mermetic perspective Enlightenment is not a static destination to reach, but a never-ending process which promotes constant change to keep up with an ever-changing world. Even if we do not live in a simulation and magick isn’t real, this may be a useful myth to believe in, one that gives a better understanding of ourselves and our place in the cosmos, a pragmatic hyperstition for the eternal crisis of existence.

To fully understand the extent of mystical philosophy in modern culture, one must be aware of the obscure heretical religion Gnosticism. A quick explanation: Gnosticism is a diverse set of teachings that broadly share the following doctrine: the world in which we live is a false one, created by a being known as the Demiurge, which sees itself as the supreme being, and the goal of the religion is to become spiritually pure and unite with the Realm of Light and the Monad, being the heavenly true plane of existence and its creator. For the Gnostics, the god of the Abrahamic religions is the flawed Demiurge, a cruel, petty being with the goal of keeping humans ignorant and spiritually trapped, with the aid of his servants the Archons (equivalent simultaneously of both biblical angels as servants of god, and demons as malicious spirits causing human suffering). Often other figures such as Christ and Lucifer are recast as messengers of the Monad, trying help humanity break free of the Demiurge’s control.

Gnosticism as such was heavily persecuted and marginalized, always lending itself to radical fringe ideologies. On one hand it could be anarchistic and hedonistic, rejecting the mind-body dichotomy in most traditional religions and rebelling against the reactionary authoritarian morality of the Judeo-Christian religions. On the other hand, it also lends itself to extremely reactionary ideologies, pitting the material world and all its machinations as creations of the Demiurge, promoting asceticism and even primitivism. Esoteric racialist groups have at times used pseudo-gnostic theology to frame Jews as directly worshipping evil, or non-white races as soulless creations of the Demiurge. Fascistic groups, often framing themselves as opposing the old order that oppresses the people, could claim to be destroying the Archonological forces suppressing humanity in favor of a more spiritually pure new order.

Neo-Gnosticism has become big throughout the late 20th and early 21st centuries. We see it in the Astro-Gnosticism of ancient alien theorists, UFO cults, and films like the Alien/Prometheus franchise. We also see it in the Cyber-Gnosticism that became big in the late 90s. The Matrix directly portrays the gnostic world of illusion as a simulation, while the anime Serial Experiments Lain is explicitly a Gnostic parable using discussions of The Wired to tell a story of the rise and falls of The Demiurge and Sophia (the god of the world of illusion, and its creator). Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, most of Grant Morrison’s work, Philip K. Dick’s work (especially The Valis Trilogy), John Carpenter’s They Live, and Silent Hill are just a few media examples of Gnosticism in pop culture. It seems as though the rise in interest in Gnosticism coincides with the rise of postmodernism.

Here, we need to reconsider the concept of metamodernism. Metamodernism is an attempt to move past and fix the problems caused by postmodernism. Postmodernism opposed the grand narratives of the past that had caused so much worldwide conflict, and in response deconstructed them and promoted relativism. While this was a necessary step in society, many feel it has outstayed its welcome. No longer is the biggest problem overbearing grand narratives (at least in western society), but the gluttony of narratives and no basis to judge them. Postmodernism becomes a destructive apathetic form of nihilism. Metamodernism tries to fix this by keeping the useful parts of postmodernism while reintroducing the meaningful parts of modernism. For radicals however, metamodernism has many problems, such as its basis in metaxy or middle-ground. From this perspective, any metamodern politics is doomed to centrism. Another is it’s apparent basis in transcendent ethics (as discussed by my fellow ensorcelled writer nildicit). Transcendent ethics place an impossible goal of perfection for us to reach and just falls into modernist and romantic traps of what the Truth is. It is argued what we need instead is a more imminent ethics.

One contemporary political movement steeped in Gnosticism, intentionally or not, is the Neoreactionary movement. Heavily reactionary, this alt-right sect tends to be based, to varying degrees of adherence, on the Traditionalist School (itself heavily based in occultism), claiming some point of pre-Enlightenment history as a golden age of civilization, and essentially framing all social progress post-French Revolution as liberalism and the decline of civilization. Most importantly to this conversation is their concept of the Cathedral, a “distributed conspiracy” of leftist values that controls society. The Cathedral is the gnostic world of illusion and the “cultural marxist” forces of the left are seen as controlling society as pawns of the Demiurge. Modern society is inherently Archonological. Furthermore, we’ve come to see the right coopt the term Red Pill for “waking up” from the leftist world of illusion, a term of course borrowed from The Matrix mentioned above. We can see the Nrx as romantic thinkers, seeing the Truth as something we’ve lost and need to rediscover. The parallels to Gnosticism make sense as both are transcendental mythologies.

The most (in)famous Neo-Gnostic today is probably Nick Land, former member of the CCRU and current neoreactionary. Along with writing on many of the topics mentioned before, he also often writes on AI from a right-accelerationist perspective. Among his more outlandish claims is that capitalism itself is actually the incursion of a godlike AI from the future, ensuring its own existence. This being to Land is an inevitability. His Dark Enlightenment is one in which hyper capitalist meritocracy is the way to defeat the leftist Archons, whose world of illusion is an attempt to decelerate the creation of God. His focus on IQ is a grotesque twist on the search for gnosis, or wisdom. The Dark Enlightenment in fact may be seen as an inverted gnosticism. Humanity itself are the Archons, humanism is the world of illusions, and the Demiurge will free us from such delusions.

However, the idea of Land as Neo Gnostic introduces an interesting idea of Gnostic accelerationism in non right-wing context. Enter unconditional accelerationism or u/acc. U/acc intends to destroy all the systems of control that exist with the world of illusion. Whether it be The Cathedral, Hobbes’ Leviathan, or Stirner’s spooks, all these systems will be rendered moot by the forces of acceleration. We will be the enlightened cynics of Shaviro’s accelerationist metamodernism (as discussed by Charles Kingsley in part 7 of his exploration of metamodernism), accepting the worst as having past and the future as only getting better, even if we have to accept, in an absurdist sense, that the future may be nonhuman. Accelerationist gnostics desire to take the world of illusion, which they see as inherently unstable, and push it to its utmost absurdity, causing it to collapse on itself, making space for what comes next. In u/acc circles it is discussed that the concept that the universe trends towards greater complexity over time applies to all functional networks, including civilisation.

To finish describing our magical world, we must tackle the topic of animism. There is an idea coined by occult blogger Gordon White, that “Gnosticism is the map, animism is the territory”. In this concept even the spirit world held so dear by humanist religions are were not meant for us, but for much older beings beyond our understanding. Animism, one of the oldest conceptions of human spirituality; is the idea that all things, animate or inanimate contain spirit. The trees, the stones, the rivers, and forests are all alive in a sense. Animism is also historically less hierarchical than other mystic platforms, as we are partners with the spirits, rather than being at the bottom of the cosmic hierarchy.

Interestingly, alongside the rise of accelerationism, we have seen the rise of object-oriented-ontology (OOO). This, broadly speaking, is the study of the nature of the existence of objects. It holds that no thing is special in of itself, even things we consider “conscious” or “alive”, including people. All people have flawed experiences of reality; all our subjective realities are caricatures of “True” reality based on our sensual experience and notions of the world. OOO holds that this is true too for objects such as a rock. I experience myself standing upon the ground and a rock experiences itself laying on the ground. While this may not be literal animism, OOO has been considered to be a form of panpsychism (the idea that consciousness is a trait of all matter, essentially new age word for animism) by its critics, we can see from an occult perspective how this treatment of objects as philosophical actors in of themselves leads us to a world where materialism has looped back around to the oldest ideas of reality. A chaos magician may say, that while the rock may not be literally alive in the same way I am as a human, if it is it’s own experiential agent, than treating it as if it’s alive is, at worst, a harmless hyperstition. This also starts to give us an interesting new strategy to approaching the semantic apocalypse. In the future I might meet a person whose modified their consciousness to the point I no longer recognize them as a conscious being, but if we widen our definition of what a conscious being is, we might start to form a praxis where we don’t immediately wish to destroy our xeno-human cousins.

Now, back to the Mermetic view of magic. We exist in a complex series of interconnected systems making up nature, civilization, society, and culture. In this modern animist worldview, it is not only nature that contains a multitude of spirits, but the cities and cyberspace as well. This also takes us back to u/acc, specifically it’s anti-praxis; humanity, in accordance with primitivism, is not necessarily the end-all be-all of our world, without accepting the primitivist naturalist fallacy. As the Xenofeminists say, “If nature is unjust, change nature!” The future may be inhuman but that’s not necessarily a reason to fret. The end goal of this is a mysticism that, rather than transcending the nihilistic, anti-human nature of reality, embraces it. We are surrounded by networks of forces that exceed our understanding and we ourselves may be changing into beings we currently couldn’t comprehend, but the only way to beat them is to join them. We gladly make deals with the Devil, ally ourselves with the Great Old Ones, and commit any heresy which allows us to destroy the forces that would destroy us. The Mermetic magician may very well be an urban animist, seeing life in the streets and buildings of the city. The Mermetic magician may be a technoshaman communicating with the The Wired’s own spirit world. If the spirits are indeed informational beings, this is surely their true home. If magical energy is simply data, this is where it flows. This is the turf that current meme wars are fighting over. The Wired is ultimately is an extension of human consciousness. We are but one type of potential informational being alongside many others.

To say I know the future of magic would be arrogant and almost certainly incorrect, but I hope to open discussion on the possibilities. The occult has grown stagnant since the development of chaos magic, which the post-truth era has devoured and co-opted in the same way the modern era did to the older Esoteric Tradition, adopting the precepts useful to the popular cultural narrative, and strip the rest of its meaning and relevance. The world is always changing and we magicians, witches, and occultists must consider: how does magic evolve with it?


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