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discordianism and chaos magick has the agenda to get rid of all dogmas and systems yet absence of dogmas/systems is a dogma itself right? true freedom is chaos & indeterminacy

Yes, if you take either as an absolute, you fall into paradox territory. However neither one expects you to take them as an absolute. In Discordianism, the Eristic principle seeks the end of dogmas/systems, but the Aneristic principle exists as well. The point is that it’s the chaotic, Eristic principle from which creation and new ideas are born. A perfectly ordered system will never produce anything new. Even in physics, it is chaos (entropy) that keeps things from perpetual motion, BUT one main product of entropy is Information (as well as heat – so we can’t help it if we’re hot.)

So it’s kind of a yes and no to your point. True freedom is not clinging to any absolute dogma or system but always leaving room/doubt for life’s maybe’s and maybe nots.



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00AG9603 Net ::: nemfrog:

Bodies afloat. Chaos, a vision of eternity. 1919. Frontispiece, detail.

Awakening Azathoth

One day this Dream is gonna end.


I apologize for this in advance. Mwahaha.


#Dataplex Thoughts

“Urban environments do not simply consist of walls, bridges and streets, places of production and consumption, symbolically located in maps and land registers, but a topology of fields and relational flows of energy and signs. Circuits of persons, capital and trade embedded in ubiquitous electronic presence and all pervasive communication technology. Absolute, relative and relational connections of multidimensional spaces formed by use, experience and understanding. Geopolitical-influence spheres of finance and information flows have a spooky influence at a distance.”

– Dictionary of Operations: Deep Politics and Cultural Intelligence.

Dataplex Assemblage of Robby and Caesar’ -Terminal Collage, 3gregor


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Welcom /alpha 0.0.5 version


alpha 0.0.5 version


[Update notes]

* 기존맵 리뉴얼(Red Town, New Love Yard, Neo Space, Home)
* 신맵 추가 (Lobby, Livingroom)
* 버그 픽스
* 유저 최적화


* ’ wasd ’ 이동
* ’ spacebar ’ 점프, 연속점프 가능
* ’ esc ’ 종료
* ’ 1 ’ Lobby 로 이동


* only PC game
* 버그제보 환영
* 리뷰 환영