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Okay this is entirely speculation on my part but I have a theory that conspiracy thought inherently flattens your worldview, but it specifically flattens ones ability to comprehend politics into a sort of crepe of mythology.

Conspiracism is the idea that the main driver of history is and has always been occluded secret societies who control the world from the shadows.

But every bad guy has to have a good guy. This generally leads you to two places: An opposite occluded secret society that’s nice actually, and/or lone mythological heroes.

There was a common refrain in czarist Russia along the lines of “The nobility is evil, but the czar is good.” Because the czar almost never interacted with the peasantry, this mythology of the benevolent autocrat constantly stymied by a greedy and conniving noble class was both easy to foster and politically useful for the czar.

Speculation time: In the era of mass media, heads of state have to appear on TV. They can’t be this mysterious mythological figure responsible for the good in the world, but they can form cults of personality!