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“The whole future lies in uncertainty: live immediately.” – Seneca

“We’re living in uncertain times. The COVID-19 pandemic affects us all, and it’s becoming clear that we can’t depend on any one person or institution to make sense of our current crisis. In lieu of blindly reacting, how can we respond to this situation with wisdom?

Philosophy, dormant during times of relative certainty and ease, often comes to life just when it’s most needed. Once we admit, as Socrates urged, that we do not know what we thought we knew, this newfound knowledge of our own ignorance can help us begin to open ourselves up to what we can know together—and to how we can act in unison, based on that shared knowledge.

The Stoa was once a covered portico where Stoics met to philosophize. Now it’s a digital space, where we can gather and talk about what matters most right now, at the razor’s edge of this pandemic. Join us. Sign up to our mailing list for regular updates, gift what you can to support this project, and RSVP for upcoming sessions.”

“You have to be cool with not knowing, before you can properly know. It is possible that The Stoa may one day engage in its own noopolitik operations, spreading unknowingness in the noosphere, with an attached invitation: come to The Stoa and let us first celebrate our unknowingness, then let us move towards knowingness together.”

Peter Limberg

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