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Apotheosis of Bells of Street

Bells of the street is the holy chant of Qerhet, the bard of chaos.

It was made in the nuclear deeps of the universe, in the atom of reality, where sleeps the omnipresent thought that move galaxies and microbes.

The omnipresent thought broadcast the notes of that song subliminally in the flesh of the matter, solidifying the chaotic intentions of Qerhet in the long dream which it is the universe.

Qerhet consider that chant his magum opus and most eficient spell. Has made it mixing all his previous creations, which includes poems,paintings and songs.

Qerhet played it with the notes of his magical harp, which strings were made using the waves of the primordial waters of Nun.

Akhamitet, the egyptian priest of Qerhet, was the mortal who heard most of the chant. having countless visions, epiphanies, and behaviour changes because that.

The excerpt heard by Akhamitet had the essency and the image of the Chaos itself, and had as a goal undermine meanings and pre-made purposes, leaving space for the creation.

Because of a bootstrap paradox caused by the relationship of the mystic apophenia of the priest with non-linear temporal incidents in Egypt, Qerhet hid himself in the mundane egregore of the propane companies of the XXI century, inserting subtle references of his pre-cosmic existance in the marketing and general acts of these companies.

The famous jingle of the brazilian company of propane distribuition, Ultragaz, which name is ”Bells of the street” have an excerpt of what Akhamitet used to hear in her meditations.

That excerpt it is in a infrasonic frequence that cant be heard by threedimensional entities, but can be relatively noticed, causing a mix of contradictories reactions, depending on the one who hear it.

The chant of Qerhet its present in another propane songs too, being the same infrasonic frequency excerpt though.

Qerhet o bardo do caos


cayneandbbl Cain’s law or Abel’s law? 18-24 minutes The head of “Tysola” , Andrzej Gelberg, challenged me to a duel journalistic. We are to give the pen a vote on the same matter, but that I should say “for” and the editor Gelberg “against” . I am backwards from above . Chances are not equal because the subject of the duel – the death penalty – excludes triumph a man who was her supporter. Is that because? an advocate of taking official life may be worthy any moral or rational triumph? After centuries of struggle for humanitarianism, such a man he should burn with shame, and double: once that he can’t to tame his own bloodsuck, and two that he publicly proclaims praise for the execution. Real Dracula! Although already on the verge of being stripped of victory as a backward- inquisitor, I take part in this rhetorical fencing which I associate it – I say this with the law of joke – with the esque tradition theatrical auditions of “bad esbek” versus “goodesbek “ (I will do here for the ” evil esbek “ who is greedy blood, and edited by Gelberg for the angel of peace). I also take because the matter has a public dimension, it concerns public safety. In practice, the term “publicsecurity “ boils down to the safety of people, Cain’s law or Abel’s law? about: reader? url = https: // … 1 of 13 08/03/2020, 18:25

Page 2

who do not feel safe, vulnerable people, people the weak. Tough guys who don’t have to be defended because they are alone are very few. Weak (children, women, old people, cripples, cowards, badies, etc.) a lot around. Herald the death penalty acts as advocate for the handicapped (handicapped towards degenerates), the function of a defender of parish excellence. I mentioned in a joke SB, which is a non-playful institution and hardly a joke. By the way, I want to remind you fragment of my novel six years ago. It has a title “Dobry” ( “Dobry” is the nickname of the head of the Ministry of the Interior) and her main The institutional heroine is the red Bezpieka. At some point, the action is the main personal hero (Stefan Karśnicki, aka “Prince” ) mercilessly breaks the band sadists raping and mutilating women. His friend, doctor, typical European correct politically, “seeing what the” Prince “did with degenerates, is shocked. A violent dialogue begins. Third participant in the dialogue, Mieczysław Heldbaum (pseudo “Petronius” ), gives the doctor a lecture that could serve me for polemics with the editors of Gelberg without additional argument, because there is almost everything necessary. I quote this fragment of the book: “- What is your right to inflict death?” Asked the ladydoctor. – Even the state when it kills, sanctioning suchretaliation by the paragraphs is not fair because killing itbarbarism, and calling it justice, toobarbarity! In civilized countries, the sentence was abolished Cain’s law or Abel’s law? about: reader? url = https: // … 2 of 13 08/03/2020, 18:25

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death, loathing her, and rightly so! Can you not?loathe something that offends humanity, dishonorhuman, is humanitarian, bovine …– I’ll tell you something if you want to hear me –“Petronius” interrupted her. In many western countries, inwhose death penalty has been abolished, are murdered unscrupulously andno fear because …– Who are you? she squealed.– Heldbaum, associate of Mr. Karśnicki, at your service.“I don’t need your services, Mr. Heldbaum!”“Certainly, but you need a compass to move.”feel sorry for the land so that you can reachcompassionate, that is, those that they deserve nothose you now show pity for. In these countries, Fr.which I mentioned, very often is murdered orit mutilates children. There are many causes, from sexual,by kidnaping and sadistic, until revenge onparents. But the main reason is the lack of fear ofcruel punishment! The kidnapper is nervous, or ransomis late, so cut, baby in the head. Or suffocating them. Or eat themmelts. The Sicilian Mafia just shot twoseven-year-old boys and their mother, because daddy has done something wronglords of mafiosom. A band in Milan last weekthe kidnappers burst into the industrialist’s house to kidnaphis daughter, his mother covered her and she didn’t want to give it back, somother and child dropped and went away. Pif-paf !, yes aftersimply, madam, is it difficult to press on the trigger?Or plant a bomb in a department store? Łatwiusieńko. Cain’s law or Abel’s law? about: reader? url = https: // … 3 of 13 08/03/2020, 18:25

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Such things happen in these countries for three hundredsixty-five days a year. And I’m just talking aboutchildren, adults are killed more often, forto killers, human life is worth as much as lifechicken. Do you know who? Thanks madam. And thanks to suchlike you– You are crazy, it’s bullshit, I won’t listen to it! –she whispered.– Do I force you? Please turn around and walk away.To run away from the truth, to be offended by the truth, yescalled a Greek pretend, it’s very easy, almost like thateasy, like cutting a finger or ear of a kidnapped child toparents softened. Let’s agree that I will keep talking and youwill show me my back when you want and you will be goneshe had to put up with my words. I will keep talking about childrenbecause it better goes to the imagination. Even to the imaginationwomen … You know what the scourge of the countries where it reignscivilization? So-called Mafia promotional campaignsnarcotic. A group of bandits in front of each schoolgives children cocaine or heroin sweets. After a fewsuch a kid is addicted for lifea drug addict. Or cute stickers for notebooks. Childrenstick them licking glue – glue saturated with cocaine. A fewstickers and you have a client for all his wasted life.Almost unpunished activities, because even if someone comes up with ithe is only threatened by a cell with a TV, from which his buddies anywaylawyers will release them sooner or later …She couldn’t leave as if he had enchanted her. But it amazed her Cain’s law or Abel’s law? about: reader? url = https: // … 4 of 13 08/03/2020, 18:25

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in anger:– What do you want to prove? That murder inis that a righteous act ?! Or is it a virtue?“I just want to justify what I’ve already pointed out.” Because youhe is wrong. They are people like you who demand abolitiondeath sentences or elsewhere insist on maintaining thisabolition, using terms such as: humanitarianism,barbarism, cruelty, sadism, human tramplingdignity and the like, they are trampling on dignityhuman! They tread on the dignity of the abused man,murdered with impunity, and deprive him of his rights by engagingdefending the killers. The right to life is to have whatunscrupulously takes the life of others! Humanitarianism formurderers, and what about the victims? Obituary right, right?I think that this is insulting humanity,because it’s a denial of the right to dispose of your ownlife, it’s trampling on people who are buried, who don’tthey deserved cruel, unexpected and not guilty death.This is your selective humanitarianism, intended onlyfor thugs, while a pile of victims is a pile of dry leaves,it’s a shame to bother, he is barbaric,because it creates a civilization of cheap life that can be taken awaylike the item! By signing on their appeals andpetitions, you sign blank consents for murderers onunpunished murder!“It’s a disgusting demagogy, how can you say that!” Mrhe doesn’t believe what you say! Don’t you know …– I know! I know what they write, I know these wise men from you Cain’s law or Abel’s law? about: reader? url = https: // … 5 of 13 08/03/2020, 18:25

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album of good hearts! The death penalty does not deter thisprove statistics! Someone rightly said they existthree types of lies: lies, damn lies andstatistics. You can even prove using statisticsthat the Earth is flat – most people see it flat. Orthat the Sun is wandering around the Earth – millions see it. Butthis is not true. Punishment scares away, and death penalty scares awayvery! It will not scare off someone who kills a gacha in affectionhis wife in the act, but he will scare away those whoin cold blood they commit crimes – kidnappers, bandits,sadists, they think three times, too much risk. In thatthe district will not be a rapist for a long time, I can vouch you! …She was silent, unable or unable to snorkel, and hegave a chord for the finale, for a knockout, he wanted to calculate it:– Time to look at your own heart, dear lady. Never noI will understand why big-hearted people like youproponents of abolishing the most severe punishment have so littlerespect, so little heart, so little humanityfor a four-year girl raped and strangled, orfor the family of the guard who was shot, and so manynoble words for the defense of a villain who, for lack of somewhores on hand hurt this girl, or orphanedanother, and for a drug dealer who makes everything miserablegenerations? People like you do not defend the right to life, butfreedom of robbing life, they support the edifice of fear, andthey destroy the edifice of freedom that the individual should haveright. I wish you many nice years without the evening noscheduled meetings with individuals at which Mrs. Cain’s law or Abel’s law? about: reader? url = https: // … 6 of 13 08/03/2020, 18:25

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vote! “ As I have already mentioned – this quote could be enough for the whole polemic about official extermination. But I’m afraid my partner would be disappointed then (such a literary catwalk) because he expects fencing more seriously, more scientifically. Then I’ll quit below several dozen sentences, partly scientific. first step will be the magical art Conan Doyle bestowed on his forensic virtuoso – deduction, called earlier by Edgar Poe ‘analytical ability We agreed with the editor Gelberg that we write ours without knowing the text of the polemic, thus wanting to defend the death penalty, I must first guess what is mine the polemist will sue her. If I guess wrong, I lie down I’ll shoot at cheers, cities to the goal (another handicap making the duel a unequal opportunity). But a word said, the glove was taken. Fortunately, the batteries of the enemies are death penalty plus minus known, so even my pudgy “mental abilities called analytical” are enough for locate a few of these guns. My guess is that ed. Gelberg will fire four missiles. Maybe the order will be different, but the rockets will probably be as follows: 1. Religious or decalogical 2. Ethical or humanitarian 3. Political or totalitarian 4. Statistical or effective Cain’s law or Abel’s law? about: reader? url = https: // … 7 of 13 08/03/2020, 18:25

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Let’s take these arguments in the order above I determined: 1. Decalogue The fifth commandment says: “Do not kill!” . He says so only the fifth commandment translated, because the Hebrew original says something else. The word “rasah” used there means: to murder, so the original content of the fifth commandment is: “Don’t murder” ( “Do not murder!” ). For killings war, and for the death penalty, the Hebrew language has other verbs: for the first “harag” , for the second “hemit” . Opponents of the main penalty know this, but They claim that linguistic differences are juggling semantic, which does not change the total ban. Religion he doesn’t allow any killings, he can’t take his life to anyone and under no circumstances what the Decalogue teaches! – they say these good people, and their words are a classic “reductio”ad absurdum “ , which is complete nonsense. For if we were according to this interpretation, they were to treat the fifth commandment, no we would be allowed to defend against the aggression of the house, family, homeland, myself, nothing, for defending myself we could kill the attacker or commit fatal – nomen omen – sin. On the other hand, he spoke about the official death penalty recently Franco Cardini, religion historian, expert Christianity, Islam and Judaism (by the way a Catholic). At an international conference on punishment death (Tunis, October 1995) Cardini stated that in the scriptures of any monotheistic religion are impossible Cain’s law or Abel’s law? about: reader? url = https: // … 8 of 13 08/03/2020, 18:25

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find any barring ban, or enforcement of the death penalty. 2. Ethics Here the supporter of the main penalty falls on Niagar’s head counterarguments (from humanist kindergarten through civilization or any anti-barbarian formation, after elemental decency) and quotes from people’s writings good – merciful – noble (even a sentence Albert Camus: “The death penalty is a homicide whichpremeditation is record-breaking “ ). Summa summary: punishment death is an immoral act, absolutely record-breaking shameful that you have to do everything to eliminate it! The civilization of death that now reigns and which consists in in that criminals carry out executions with impunity, and their victims have only one right (for burial) – it can be healed only by taking life for taking life, or the most severe punishment. No penalty is equal shameful, fundamentally immoral, pathological allowing the civilization of death to continue to gather its own wicked harvest. Any system where the only penalty is murder is a prison cell, the system in which the victim has less right to life than murderers. With each the prison comes out (thanks to amnesty, polite duties, bribery, etc.) to freedom. From the grave itself is not coming out. Such a system – probandic, dismissive murder victims, I am disgusted because it is clinical injustice. 3. Policy Cain’s law or Abel’s law? about: reader? url = https: // … 9 of 13 08/03/2020, 18:25

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There may be an argument that legalization or custom (practice) the death penalty is a kind of machinery prepared for possible criminal pharaohs – facilitate mass genocide like Hitler and Stalin murdering opponents, cleansing, decimating of the population, etc. However, if it were to be, it would be not serious, because totalitarianism is therefore totalitarianism, because he disregards all laws, even the laws that he himself creates and creates the codes he wants and whenever he wants. I am reminded of the legalism of the sadistic emperor in ancient Rome: when legally desired, according to by law, murder all members of a family, or community, and the law strictly forbade to condemn virgins to death, he ordered the praetorians to they had raped all virgins before, which liquidated legal barrier. 4. Statistics Crown argumentation of the death penalty enemies. They claim notorious that, according to research and statistics, practice death penalty does not reduce severe at all crime, in even a minimal percentage, nul! Well this is complete nonsense. Apart from the fact that that “There are three types of lies: lies, damn lies andstatistics “ (no one can decide who the author was anymore this bon-motu, Disarelli or Twain) – only shuffling statistical juggling, cultivated for a long time time left by the political correctness coat of arms , offered results well serving followers no murdering murderers. The realities were completely different, so Cain’s law or Abel’s law? about: reader? url = https: // … 10 of 13 08/03/2020, 18:25

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when in the US realities began to reveal how the avalanche started in subsequent states the process of restoring the death penalty. It has been restored in 37 states, even where previously there was a record number of enemies’ lobby death sentences – in New York state. Effect? From the moment restoring the death penalty, as well as tightening actions police and tightening court judgments, one of the most dangerous cities in the world, New York, instantly became one of the safer cities US. Only last year (1995) was recorded there the lowest crime rate of twenty-three years and the number of murders has fallen by almost half! They say that statistics. Statistics not pulled into the thesis, about which everyone A New Yorker can find out in the evening by walking pavements of his town. Honest statistics say also that leniency results in increased judgments, because when the state does not fulfill one of its main ones obligations to people (ensuring safety) is people must defend themselves. Among 184 member states of the UN – the death penalty in 96 it is being done. Various associations and groups (such as like the League of Citizens and Parliamentarians for Abolition Death penalty until 2000, whose slogan is “Don’t killCain! “ ) – they do everything to completely eliminate the punishment main practice of homines sapiens. Shuffling statistics are further the main weapon of these “humanists” . Finally, a few conclusions of the concluding type: The threat of death penalty will not stop a man Cain’s law or Abel’s law? about: reader? url = https: // … 11 of 13 08/03/2020, 18:25

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who murders in so-called affect, sometimes (or often) will stop a criminal who thinks about the effect, i.e. cold calculates what pays off. Death against the murderer will not bring life back to the victim murder, but the didactic (persuasive) burden of the broadcast executions will save some potential victims, because potential killers recalculate the risk. Not applying the death penalty (its legal liquidation, or moratorium on the performance) encourages criminals, ridiculing the security system, orphaning children, declares that the rights of those killed are none in comparison with rights of killers. A system that allows mass murder of defenseless people children (abortion) and doesn’t allow eliminating “killers” – he’s from immoral, mean, disgusting ground. The only rational and ethically sensible argument against the death penalty is a possibility of legal error, co happened more than once in history. So this punishment should be ferred only with 100% proof (never circumstantial) and only against very serious crimes (especially violent, sadistic, or crimes whose victims are children) and to killers degenerate, not repentant or sorry. In Poland, death sentences have been enforced for several years massively – by bandits. Bandits in Poland for several years no death penalty. Bandits in Poland have been punishing for several years defenseless people for the thoughtlessness of power. Circle up closes, vulgo: closed circulation of death civilization Cain’s law or Abel’s law? about: reader? url = https: // … 12 of 13 08/03/2020, 18:25

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terrorizes the community of the country where people are put before the tribunal and sentenced because they dared actively defend your life or property during an assault bandits emboldened by the tolerant tolerance of crime. WALDEMAR ŁYSIAK The above text has not been bred a social rebellion against the death penalty the rebellion caused some spectacular murders in the spring. Identical sentence regarding death penalty and general I have publicly articulated leniency for many years times. A proposal for this journalistic duel edited by Gelberg in January, and I begun my article at the beginning of February and later I could only patiently wait for the adversary text. W. L. From the President of KS Most likely, an error has crept in the post scriptum. Spectacular murders caused a revolt against the moratorium on punishment then in force death.

United Nation – bloody price

The spiritual importance of the UN’s uprising – withblood of 30 million people …

22-29 minutes

Dear Friend of Radio Liberty: ” When the tyrant got rid of foreign enemies by partition orarrangement, and there is nobody to be afraid of, then he invents himselfan excuse for a war for people to need a leader . ” Plato: Republic [1] “Is there a better measure known to humanity than war, assuming you want to change the lives of entire populations countries? “Carnegie Foundation: 1908 [2] “… The UN was born from the blood of 30 million people who died during the Second World War “Robert Muller: 1991 [3] The letter from the last month dealt with the Millennium World Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders, World Forum and the Millennium Assembly. These three meetings are to be held at the UN building in New York. This letter addresses the spiritual importance of building location UN. A few centuries ago, the Manhattan Indians lived close to it The spiritual weight of the UN’s uprising – from the blood of 30 million … about: reader? url = https: // … 1 of 17 08/03/2020, 18:17

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places and called them Turtle Bay. Old Indian legend predicted that streams of blood would drain into this land, and it came true. Is it possible that this building location The United Nations in New York was elected because of the bloody incidents that took place there? [4] The twentieth century was the bloodiest human period history. Nearly 80 million people died in the wars and close 150 million were killed in the revolutions. Why so happened? Why rational people would not intervene stop this carnage? When a child is born, the place of delivery is often covered with a flower. Has the UN born? from the blood of those who died in the wars and revolutions in last century Some people think this is the one by chance, and they love the concept, but they do they dream a different dream and worship another god. [5] Jim Marrs’ new book, Secret Authority, deals with secret societies that rule the world. Argues he that they planned the biggest wars last of the century, and they are responsible for most of ours problems today. Harper Collins published his book and Radio Liberty will offer it even though I think two sections of this book for brushing with heresy. readers should read discussions on Priority Zion and Merovingian with a dose of skepticism, but for those who they can defend their faith and understand their spiritual nature our struggle, Secret Authority is excellent The spiritual weight of the UN’s uprising – from the blood of 30 million … about: reader? url = https: // … 2 of 17 08/03/2020, 18:17

Page 3

source of information. The author has compressed three hundred difficult to find books in one understandable text that provides an overview of modern history. Many of the texts cited in the book can be ordered from Radio Liberty. [….] Why would anyone want a war? Rational individuals they hate war, but we are not dealing with rationality people. Those who belong to secret societies have a different one view of life because they recognize the importance of Plato’s statement: ” When the tyrant got rid of external enemies by conquestor arrangement, and there is no one to be afraid of, then he inventsan excuse for any war for people to need a leader . ” International wars create national leaders; war Worldwide create world leaders. Secret Golem associations have always been a world government and a world religion. This goal is devoted to the inner circle of Freemasonry, yes same as the leaders of other secret groups. Following the quote is from an article in Scottish Rite. “God’s plan is dedicated to the unification of races, religions and beliefs. This plan, dedicated to the new order things to make everything new – a new nation, a new one race, new civilization and new religion, religion without sect you can already observe and called the religion of “the Great Light. ” [8] Those who read this letter regularly know that “Great Light “represents Lucifer, and this one through them the new religion sought is luciferianism. The spiritual weight of the UN’s uprising – from the blood of 30 million … about: reader? url = https: // … 3 of 17 08/03/2020, 18:17

Page 4

[9] Who brought us the First World War? Most books after the war ended with accusing Sir Edward Grey, British Minister for Foreign Affairs. After reading his memoirs and many books written by world leaders I am convinced that Sir Edward Gray intentionally caused the First War Worldwide and that or was a member of the secret society Cecil Rhodes, or he was closely associated with them. [10] Bertrand Russel wrote about him in his autobiography: “… I joined a small club called ‘The Coefficients’ …. One evening Sir Edward Gray (then not yet in office) he made speeches in support of politics Entente, which has not yet been adopted by the government. I expressed my objections to this policy quite firm way and pointed to the big ones the likelihood that it will lead us to war, but no one agreed with me, so I quit the club. People will find that I started my opposition to of war at the earliest possible moment “. [11] The meeting Bertrand Russell spoke about took place sometime before 1905, when Sir Edward became Minister of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain. Hence we can be sure that the plan of World War I was formulated earlier. Many years later a similar plan was formulated in the USA. The spiritual weight of the UN’s uprising – from the blood of 30 million … about: reader? url = https: // … 4 of 17 08/03/2020, 18:17

Page 5

The 83rd Congress asked Congressman B. Carroll Reece to chaired the Congress Committee in the investigation of on foundations exempt from taxation. norman Dodd was elected the Investigation Director for the Committee. Sent Kathryn Casey to Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Carnegie Foundation for International Peace] to review their entries. She was allowed to study the details of management meetings Foundation from 1908 and 1909 and learned that they were debating they asked: “Is there a better measure known to humanity than war, assuming you want to change the lives of whole populations countries? At the end of the year they came to the conclusion that there is nothing more effective to humanity than war. So they asked next question. The question was, ‘What should we do to to get involved in the US war? ” [12] Did it really happen? René Wormser was the office of the Reece Committee. After the Committee report he was strangled, he wrote a book about foundations free of taxes and the Carnegie Foundation, in which he wrote: “When Andrew Carnegie founded The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, gave the foundation manager difficult request. How were they to promote peace? seems they didn’t have a clear idea until Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler … not excited about the defeat of Sil Allied in World War I and decided that the best way to establish peace was to help The spiritual weight of the UN’s uprising – from the blood of 30 million … about: reader? url = https: // … 5 of 17 08/03/2020, 18:17

Page 6

mixed up in the US War. For this purpose he began to use Foundation’s money “. [13] Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler used the Foundation’s money Carnegie for propaganda to force participation USA until the First World War. Why did he do that? René Wormser tells us: “When the war was over … Support for Lygia The nations gave the Foundation new opportunities for their energy and money … ” [14] Nicholas Murray Butler wanted to involve the United United in World War I so that they could participate in peace negotiations after the war. He had hope that the League of Nations will become a world government. When the League failed, JP Morgan organized the Council International Relations [translation CFR, from Council on Foreign Relations] combined with the American branch Cecil Rhodes’ secret society. Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler then became a member of the clique that he controlled the CFR and their globalist agenda. [15] Opening page of The Journal of American History from 1908 predicted the first world war. We read there: “‘The most terrible war of our century is fast approaching. After the war, world peace will come – the biggest leap in development of humanity in this cycle. ‘ This is foresight The spiritual weight of the UN’s uprising – from the blood of 30 million … about: reader? url = https: // … 6 of 17 08/03/2020, 18:17

Page 7

made a few days ago by a recognized political economists … The peoples of the world and their rulers and leaders are united in a decree that war must be destroyed, and rationality must triumph … The Journal of American History dedicates this book to the United Nations … ” [16] How did the editors of The Journal of American History know that the war is coming that the Organization of Nations was to be created States? Because the war was planned in the USA and in Great Britain. Kaiser Wilhelm wrote about the causes of the war. He believed that Sir Edward Gray created it, but noted: “I am informed that an important role in preparation for World War directed against monarchists Central Silom was played by the “Great Oriental Lodge” through its international policy, which it stretched for many years towards … Stripping Austria-Hungary, democratizing Germany, eliminating the Hapsburgow House, the abdication of the German Emperor … the elimination of the Pope and The Catholic Church, the elimination of every state church in Europe “. [17] Was Freemasonry responsible for the war? Killer, who murdered Francis Ferdinand in Sarajevo was a freemason, and this event initiated a reaction chain, which led to a limited war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia. On the other hand, if The spiritual weight of the UN’s uprising – from the blood of 30 million … about: reader? url = https: // … 7 of 17 08/03/2020, 18:17

Page 8

Sir Edward Gray and his associates did not want a big one conflict, it would never have come to World War I. The top echelons of European Freemasonry always cooperated with secret societies. In his book, Marriage and Dogma, Albert Pike tells us that Freemasonry, “… assisted in organizing the Revolution French … and assisted Napoleon … “[18] Freemasonry always played an important role in managing events but they worked in conjunction with leaders from others secret societies. [19] Without World War I a League would never have been created Nations; without World War II she would never have stayed United Nations Organization created. When the First World War ended, people in America wanted know why their people were sent to fight and to die in a senseless European conflict. Eastern Establishment, which functions as a facade for secret associations, employed many historians and other experts that they would offer possible explanations. Some claimed that ammunition manufacturers were responsible for war, others insisted that it was a war to secure the markets commercial. Yet another group tried to blame the war Jews, but all these explanations were calculated on hiding individuals and organizations responsible for manipulating America into the Great War. [20] The same it happened after World War II, but one historian refused compromise your character. Charles Austin Beard was a popular writer and well-known historian. The spiritual weight of the UN’s uprising – from the blood of 30 million … about: reader? url = https: // … 8 of 17 08/03/2020, 18:17

Page 9

When he was asked to work for Establishment he refused and then wrote an article for Saturday Evening Post. There he revealed: “The Rockefeller Foundation and CFR … want to prevent if only they can, replays what they call in their zargon ‘revolving press campaign following the First World War The World ‘. To translate it into a more accurate language, This means that the Foundation and the Council do not want to be abused no other people studied too thoroughly and criticized unlimited official propaganda and statements regarding their “principal goals and activities” during II World Wars. Briefly, they hope to be born other things, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s policies and measures escapes careful analysis in the years to come, and will avoid critical analysis, evaluation and disclosure they had place for policy and measures used by Woodrow Wilson and Allied Forces after I World War “. [21] Why the Rockefeller Foundation and CFR wanted to maintain people in America ignorant of “our essentials goals and activities “in World War II? Because they were afraid that the public would find out that they had brought them to war, and would be held accountable for crimes against humanity. Jim Marrs wrote about the financing of World War II: “A significant amount of funds were used to prolong the warshe was from Bank for International foreverSettlements (BIS), First National Bank of New York The spiritual weight of the UN’s uprising – from the blood of 30 million … about: reader? url = https: // … 9 of 17 08/03/2020, 18:17

Page 10

(owned by the Morgan branch), Bank ofEngland, German Reischbank … other central banks… the largest German manufacturersarmored vehicles were Opel, completelya subsidy held by General Motorscontrolled by the interests of Morgan, and GermanFord Motor Company subsidy. Information serviceReuters News reported that … Albert Speer said thatHitler would never even consider invading Poland withoutsynthetic fuel technology supplied to Germanyby General Motors … “[22] American corporations equipped the Nazis with equipment which was used to kill American soldiers, a American banks provided the Nazis with funds needed to continue the war. In his book, “Trading With The Enemy: An Exposé of the Nazi-American Money Plot 1933-1949 “(translation “Trading With the Enemy: Nazi-American Exposition Of the Money Agreement 1933-1949 “), Charles Higham wrote: ” The Bank for International Settlements in Basel,Switzerland, was controlled by the Nazis but histhe president was an American, even in 1944. Onone of the early meetings, the bank president sat downtogether with high-ranking BIS officials from Germany, Japan,Italy, England and America to discuss the shipment378 million dollars in gold, delivered to the bankby the Nazi government for their useleaders after the war. It was gold stripped from banks The spiritual weight of the UN’s uprising – from the blood of 30 million … about: reader? url = https: // … 10 of 17 08/03/2020, 18:17

Page 11

Austria, Belgium and Czechoslovakia, and melted down fromgold teeth, eyeglass frames and wedding ringsmurdered Jews.But this is only one story. representativesStandard Oil of New Jersey sent pedigree oilsNazis through Switzerland while among SilAllies had shortages and restrictionssupply “. [23] I suggest the following sources as additional information on financing topic of World War II: (1) Tragedy and Hope , Carroll Quigley – reveals members Rhodes secret company encouraging Alolf Hitler’s expansionist policy. (2) Prisoner Number 7 , Eugene Byrd – reveals the true reasons for Rudolf Hess’s escape to England. wanted contact the members of the Round Table because he thought that they would help him negotiate a peace agreement with England as they supported Hitler before the war. (3) Wall Street and Hitler’s Rise , Antony Sutton – documents the fact that US corporations and American banks financed Hitler before and during II World Wars. (4) Who financed Hitler? , Pooles – discovers the role of Henry Ford in financing the Nazis. (5) Trading With the Enemy: Nazi ExpositionAmerican Money System 1933-1949 , The spiritual weight of the UN’s uprising – from the blood of 30 million … about: reader? url = https: // … 11 of 17 08/03/2020, 18:17

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Charles Higham – documents the fact that American corporations and American banks supported the Nazis before and during the Second World War. There would be no Nations today without World War IIUnited States . Alger Hiss was a communist spy. In 1945 he stayed elected Secretary General of Nations United and in the scope of his position he wrote United Nations Charter. Introduction to this the document says: [24] “We, the peoples of the United Nations, determined to save the future generations from the wounds of the war, which twice throughout our lives it has brought unspeakable sadness of humanity, and emphasize the fundamental belief human rights, dignity and worth of the human person, equal the rights of men and women and large and small countries, and by establish conditions in which the rule of law and respect for bonds resulting from the agreements other sources of international rights may be maintained and to promote social development and better living standards with greater freedom … ” [25] Which was the justification for the creation of the Nations States? These were ” wounds of war, which twice inthroughout our lives has brought unspeakable sadnesshumanity … ” Who was responsible for the wars that brought mankind unspeakable sadness? The spiritual weight of the UN’s uprising – from the blood of 30 million … about: reader? url = https: // … 12 of 17 08/03/2020, 18:17

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Secret societies that wanted to form Nations States. Their goal was the world government and the religion of the new world. In an attempt to create a global government and spirituality new world, religious and spiritual leaders of the world are here meet at the UN building on August 28. Seven days later The World Forum will meet there to plan global society, and two days after the Summit Millennium to reflect on Global Charter Democracy and Earth Charter. First Charter it was written by Maurice Strong and 27 others internationalists. The Second Charter was written by Maurice Strong, Steven Rockefeller and Michail Gorbachev. Both documents are the promotion of socialism, world government and new spirituality. Robert Muller was the Assistant Secretary General United Nations for many years. He is an occultist and one of the most influential people in the world. He, Maurice Strong and Michail Gorbaczow lead us to global government and new spirituality. In his novella, The First Lady of the World, Robert Muller revealed the spirit The importance of the building’s location where today the UN is located: “[crowd building] UN sits on a piece of land that Manhattan Indians called Zolwia Bay. Their legend she said that the villages of the blood flow to this land, but he was to come a time when many tribes were to meet there to do so room. It so happens that for many years they were slaughtering there Manhattan and blood streams from hundreds of thousands of animals village The spiritual weight of the UN’s uprising – from the blood of 30 million … about: reader? url = https: // … 13 of 17 08/03/2020, 18:17

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in this land. When John Rockefeller bought this land, he ordered destroy this slaughter and offered the land, UN, lands, where many different tribes were to meet. Could also add that the UN was born from the blood of 30 million people who died in World War II. At the UN you can see these vibrations of the Earth … And, in essence, the UN is for the world as a House of Hope “[26] Now you know why the location of the UN building is like this important. Thirty million human beings, or more, were dedicated to justify the creation of Nations States. The UN was born of their blood. What shall we do? We should continue to inform others despite the fact that many of them do not want to hear the truth. I’m working on a new approach that will allow you to reach other. I recently took part in a two-hour radio debate with three Masons. After the program they were so worried that they were considering buying radio time in one of the local ones stations to present their views. This is extremely, considering that Masons are rare, if at all, they defend their views in public. […] Radio Liberty offers Jim Marrs’ book, Secret Governments. If you buy this book through us you will receive also a copy of my interview with the author. It is also possible order our Global Neighborhood with us. This is reading obligatory for those who want to understand the plan global government created by the UN. The spiritual weight of the UN’s uprising – from the blood of 30 million … about: reader? url = https: // … 14 of 17 08/03/2020, 18:17

Page 15

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publishers and copyright nowadays widespread concealment and falsification of history and we consider historical facts to be particularly important duty and obligation to disseminate information, the purpose of education and awareness, and ruthless fight against these silences and falsehoods. the Internet version was prepared by Polish Independent Patriotic Union Catholic-National Resistance Movement of the Counter-Reformation, counter-Judaization and co-depolonization HURRICANE

Ontologia del Lenguaje – RAFAEL ECHEVERRÍA

RAFAEL ECHEVERRÍA (1994), em Ontologia del Lenguaje (Santiago: Lom Ediciones, 2005).


A characteristic feature of this phase of history that we call Modernity, which extends from the beginning of the 17th century to the present day, has been to sustain a conception of time that conceives it as linear, continuous and homogeneous.

Two factors seem to have contributed to generate this conception. First, the importance that since the beginning of Modernity natural sciences and particularly physics have acquired. For a long time, they served as a model of rigorous thinking and their assumptions were often imported uncritically into the field of reflection on human phenomena. Well, during a long period dominated by Newton’s mechanical cosmovision, physical time was considered precisely as absolute and autonomous. The flow of time is conceived as a linear and continuous sequence of equivalent units. From the point of view of Newtonian physics, one minute was exactly the same as any other minute.

To the impact coming from the development of physics, a different but complementary factor is added. This is the invention of the mechanical clock in the 14th century and its impact on social coexistence (See Echeverria (1993), chapter II, page 36).

This invention completely modifies the social concept of time, allowing human beings to synchronize the way they coordinate actions and, as a consequence, substantially increase the efficiency and productivity of the actions undertaken as a whole. From that moment, human time is put in reference to the mechanical time of the clock which, obviously, homogenizes it. One minute is one minute for everyone and this is the time it takes for the second hand to turn the dial of the clock. It is the mechanical behavior of the second hand that defines the concept of time that governs human behavior.

Within physics, the concept of time will undergo a radical transformation from the theory of relativity developed by Einstein in the early 20th century. One of Einstein’s main contributions was to question the assumption of Newtonian absolute time and its resulting concept of simultaneity. The curious thing about the case, however, is that the new Einsteinian conception, instead of undermining the everyday concept of human time, strongly influenced by mechanical physics, separates from it, showing itself as an abstract time concept, alien to human time. We verify, therefore, that human beings continue attached to a mechanical concept of time, even when physics itself has already made abandonment of it.

From the developments made in this chapter on the subject of emotions and states of mind, we see that not every moment, not every unit of physical time, implies the same possibilities. For human beings, time is not homogeneous. What can happen in one minute is not equivalent to what can happen in any other minute. The density of life that a certain minute can contain for a person is not equal to what that same minute contains for another person. The flow of human time is a succession of discontinuous occasions, very different from each other and often very different for the different individuals involved.

The density of human time is heterogeneous, since the same physical unit of time can contain very different possibilities. Something that could not be done for years can be opened up as a possibility for one minute and closed down immediately afterwards.

That minute is very different from the one that preceded it or from the one that will follow it. Human time, measured mechanically, is simply not the same. Once we accept the above, we recognize that emotionality, inasmuch as it specifies different dispositions for action and, consequently, spaces of different possibilities, constitutes a fundamental factor in evaluating the different densities of human time. It is perhaps in this aspect where our traditional conception, based on the model of rational action, shows one of its main deficiencies.

The effectiveness of human action is not only a function of our capacity to rationally articulate means to achieve certain objectives. The effectiveness of our action is also a function of our capacity to observe, evaluate and design those emotional spaces that make possible what was previously not possible or that close possibilities that were previously open. The effectiveness of our action is a function of the emotional conditions (our own and those of others) inherent to the situation within which we operate. And there is no human action that escapes this emotional conditioning. At home, at work, at play, etc., what we can do, what we can achieve, will depend to a large extent on the existing emotional conditions.

This leads us to an important confrontation registered in Ancient Greece at the time when what we have called “the great metaphysical drift” was inaugurated, which we see today in crisis, but of which we are still part. The Greeks before the fathers of metaphysics, Plato and Aristotle, had recognized the heterogeneous character of human time. And they had a term through which they accounted for it. They talked about kairos.

Kairos, for the Greeks, was that moment of the right time, of the adequate time, of the occasion in which the possibility manifests itself in temporality and then disappears in it. Through kairos, it was recognized that the value of an action is realized in time and that not all time is the same. Sometimes one acts too early, other times too late.

But also sometimes one acts at the right time. To refer to the latter, the Greeks coined the term kairos.

Kairos was a term commonly used by athletes to refer to that moment when they were given the opportunity to perform a certain action. In the sport of archery, for example, it was used to refer to the opening or opportunity to shoot, the cylinder through which the arrow has to pass on its way to the target.

The same term was also used by horse-cart riders to refer to that moment when a space opened up for them to overtake their opponent. For much of the race the runners knew that they could not help but stay behind the one who had taken the lead. But many times there were moments when there was an opening, an opportunity, to accelerate the horses and move forward. Such moments were called kairos (Richard Ogle’s personal communication).

In a second sense, as kairos, the term was associated with the art of weaving in the loom trade. It referred to that critical moment when the weaver must pull the thread through the gap (opening) that opens momentarily in the warp of the fabric being woven.

Gorgias, one of the great sophists and, therefore, a repeated target of criticism from metaphysicists, incorporates the term kairos as a central distinction of his theory of rhetoric. Gorgias is dedicated to investigating the power of language and its capacity for transformation. Language, he says, “can stop fear and banish suffering and create joy and nourish compassion.”

Like the rest of the Sophists, Gorgias is dedicated to training young people in the virtues of citizenship, what the Greeks call “areté”. He understands that the nascent democratic practices taking place in Greece rest precisely on the linguistic skills of the citizens and, very particularly, on the exercise of the art of persuasion.

To this end, Gorgias insists, the speaker must always be attentive to the flow of the conversation in order to detect the opportunities (kairos) that open up to persuade the listener.

The emotional level of the conversation is a decisive aspect to ensure its success, both for the speaker (in which case we talk about ethos) and for the listener (in which case we talk about pathos). The speaker, therefore, must move in the conversation as the sailor does, always attentive to the sense and strength of the waves and the direction of the wind; always ready to change the position of his sails. The truth is intrinsically related to its context.

It will be what the community accepts as such and, in that sense, truth is seen by Gorgias as the very result of the art of persuasion.

Both Plato and Aristotle are strongly opposed to the positions taken by Gorgias. For them, truth exists independently of individuals, even if it is possible for them to access it through rational thought. Once such a truth is reached, language is the instrument through which it is communicated to others. What matters in communication, according to the position taken by Aristotle, is the content of truth in what is said. Both the ethos of the speaker and the pathos of the audience require subordination to the logos. The latter gives an account of the content of truth and represents the rational aspect of communication.

With the predominance of the metaphysical program, the recognition of the heterogeneous and discontinuous character of human time was progressively diluted. With this, we forget the importance of the notion of kairos proposed by the Greeks and incorporated in the teachings of non-metaphysical philosophers, such as Gorgias de Leontini.