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News from Wonderland 2


Updates from the most crazy game on the interwebs




2323232323232323~~ by ~T32~


Strange happenings at the center of CERN..?Know more, Understand less


Insights on the Rabbit Hole


Soundtrack of The Mad Tea Party

The Elastic Retreat #Seventy-Something, maybe 80: The Frogs of War – by The Elastic Retreat

Bacchus Beltane 6: Re-enchantment is Resistance – by The Ephemeral Man


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4.17.19: That Barton Fink Feeling


Anonymous Canada

Greetings Fellow Citizens of Nations from Around the World.  

We Are Anonymous. We are Collectivists. We Are Project Mayhem The Game 23.  

Welcome back to THE PROJECT, you found your way back to IT! The op to end all ops.  

The game 23 was created as a post project mayhem 2012 Alternate Reality Game to unfuck the world. The “Dangerous Idea” goes Viral and TYLER: Massively Distributed Uncontrollable, Uncensorable, Collaborative, Decentralized Wiki-P2P Cipherspace Hybrid, blockchained Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning self-organized System based on a mutating h-index type algorithm, that Exposes Hidden Information and Unfiltered TRUTH. The purpose of this Device is to deploy a neurolinguistic virus of Awakening in the perceptual and geographical region of its Agents.      

RA2012’s Final Message to the world: “The seeds of these DANGEROUS ideas have been planted and WILL grow.”  

Project Mayhem 2020 is part of thegame23…

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